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ShipComrade needs your help / Fundraising appeal10/8/2016 6:37:57 PM
Published By: Lert
------Update 9/12----- 
 I cannot thank you enough Jingles (11:20), IEarlGrey & everyone for all the support. God willing, with your help, we can get his home back. Correction on what Jingles stated everyone, only $2200 has been raised so far. The attorney who said he will take the case said he will take what has been raised so far to file paperwork that will stop the new owner from reselling the house (house flipper). But, it will be a minimum of $7500 in attorney fees to get it back. I am so sorry for the confusion all. been a really rough 2 weeks for our family. Even if you cannot donate, please spread the word.
 Full Story with update located on GoFundMe Page
Hello faithful readers,
A more serious subject now. Our fearless leaders is going through a serious family issue right now. His step-father, elderly and needing medical care, is facing homelessness and serious health issues after he was scammed out of his house and all his possessions.
I now give the pen to poeticmotion from the NA server, who is infinitely more eloquent than I am.
poeticmotionFundraising appeal for / William Batten / Michael Greenwood

World of Warships may be just a game, but with the amount of time many of us dedicate to both gameplay and discussion, it’s also become a community. Sinking ships and clubbing seals is a blast on its own, but it’s also a framework by which we build relationships with others. has become one of the central gathering points of this community, full of resources, info, and even forums to gather and discuss this hobby we all share. Today, William Batten (in-game name Critter8), founder of, needs our help to fight a con artist who stole his stepfather’s home.

William’s elderly stepfather, Michael Greenwood, had a roommate/tenant that was freeloading, dodging paying rent while convincing Mr. Greenwood that his family was going to put him in a nursing home and take away his independence. The roommate convinced Mr. Greenwood to sign his power of attorney over to him, ostensibly to protect him from his own family. Even worse, he slipped a ‘quit deed’ into the paperwork, which transferred ownership of the house to the roommate.

Only ten days later, Mr. Greenwood asked William for help paying the back taxes on the house, as he was on the verge of losing it. William immediately got a loan and paid the back taxes, but the records hadn’t been updated with the quit deed. This brought the house up to date on its taxes, but sadly, this occurred before the tax records had been updated with the quit deed. In the meantime, Mr. Greenwood was hospitalized for a fractured hip. So the gesture allowed the roommate to sell the house before Mr. Greenwood or his family even realized he had been scammed out of it. It was only by luck that they found out in time to keep the new owner from throwing away all of Mr. Greenwood’s possessions.
The transfer of the house also triggered a clause that will get his Medicaid cut, leaving Mr. Greenwood without medical coverage. And William Batten used all his resources to get the back taxes paid, leaving him without the resources to hire an attorney and fight the loss of Mr. Greenwood’s house.

Mr. Greenwood is elderly and disabled, with heart issues, a bad back, and hepatitis C. He cannot work and is on a fixed income of less than $1000/month. And local low-cost or free legal aid organizations will not be able to help for a long time due to a huge backlog of cases.
William Batten and the team are now racing against time to raise the money for an attorney and fight this before it’s too late to retrieve the house or receive compensation. The roommate/con artist is counting on Mr. Greenwood’s financial and medical conditions preventing him from fighting this scam. All donations to this campaign will go to the legal help Mr. Greenwood needs to fight for his house back and help him relocate.

Millions of elderly people are scammed by unscrupulous predators every year, but it’s a particularly heinous scam to take away a man’s home, his sole remaining major asset after a lifetime of work. William is a valued member of our community, one who puts hours of work into as his contribution to his fellow gamers, and now he’s asking for our help.

If you’re able, please make a donation to help get the legal help Mr. Greenwood needs to save his home and provide justice for the scammer who took his home away. Even if you don’t have the resources to help financially, though, please help us spread the word.
Don’t let a predator get away with destroying Michael Greenwood’s life. Help us seek justice.

Thank you for your consideration.
Thank you, poetic.
How can you help? There are four ways:
First, by spreading awareness by participating in the WoWS NA Forum thread linked here, or the Reddit thread linked here.
The second way is by donating a few dollars to the GoFundMe page linked here.
The third way is, if you're in the area, if you're nearby, offer some actual help. If you're in the area and have a spare room, please consider helping this man.
Fourth way you can help, if you're a legal professional, you can offer your help as well.
Thank you for your time.