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Published by LittleWhiteMouse 7 hrs ago under Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya /Premium Ship Review:  Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
The Gangut-class finally joins World of Warships.  These veterans of the First and Second World Wars are being represented first with "October Revolution" (formerly Gangut).  This is a Dreadnought era battleship, heavily modernized and itching to punch over her weight class.  Mouse takes a look (but not too close a look -- it's pretty ugly) at this new offering from Wargaming.
Published by Aetam 1 day ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 38
A new episode is here! Watch a Warspite in a desperate situation, a Montana in citadel city, torpedo dodges and more!
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 4 days ago /Fun and Engaging Science:  Part Five
After a long delay, Mouse is back at blowing up drones and doing enough math to support a college thesis.  She once again has had the opportunity to sit down with Sub_Octavian and discuss the minutia surrounding not only detonations but module damage itself.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 9 days ago under Gallant /Premium Ship Review: HMS Gallant
The Royal Navy always inspires a little bit of excitement -- so hearing that the British G-class destroyers were on their way to World of Warships some months ago got us all aflutter.  There was some surprise that HMS Gallant would be championing the Royal Navy tin cans but the reasoning appears sound.  Mouse takes a look at this tie in to the Dunkirk scenario and how she performs.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 12 days ago under Blyskawica /Premium Ship Review:  Blyskawica v.
Mouse revisits one of her favourite premium ships with a long overdue update.  She first reviewed Blyskawica back in December of 2015 and the game has changed significantly since that time.  She's joined once more by Lert who provides a supplementary view on how this ship fits currently in the ever evolving meta.
Published by Aetam 2 weeks ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 37
A new episode is ready! This time we have a cruiser on a rampage, plenty of double strikes and explosions. Enjoy.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 weeks ago under Iwaki Alpha /Premium Ship Review:  Iwaki Alpha
Aren't you all a lucky bunch!  Two reviews in the same week?  Mouse hasn't been this productive since the Spring of 2016!  This review has been a long time coming and it's with great pleasure that we can finally present her take on the Iwaki Alpha.
... it's just too bad this ship is no longer really that relevant.  That's right, I said it!
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 weeks ago under HSF Harekaze /Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze
The SEA server got the jump on everyone else when it came to the release of the High School Fleet ships, but we're now seeing them arrive on the European and North American servers as of July 10th.  With this in mind, and with her time no longer being monopolized with trying to figure out how to properly use aircraft on Enterprise, Mouse had no excuse but to spend some time with this crossover vessel.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 3 weeks ago under HSF Admiral Graf Spee /High School Fleet FAQ
Mouse has been receiving (and reading) a lot of questions regarding the World of Warships and High School Fleet cross-over.  She sits down and tries to provide some answers and clarity to these new ships and how they interact with the game.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 4 weeks ago under Enterprise /Premium Ship Review:  USS Enterprise
Wargaming has finally corrected a longstanding mistake in World of Warships:  Not including the Yorktown-class aircraft carrier.  The first to arrive is CV-6, USS Enterprise.  Her development cycle has been very public and very troubled.  Mouse and GrafZeppelinKai take a look at how the finished product has shaped up.
Published by Aetam 4 weeks ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 36
Episode 36 is here! We have a lots of double strikes, some brawling and dancing destroyers. Enjoy!
Published by Fr05ty 4 weeks ago /Tech-Tree Proposal: French Battleships
Welcome to a new pet project of mine, tech tree proposals. What I attempt to do in these articles is that I try to make a coherent and clear proposal as to what I think we can expect from Wargaming if they ever make such a tech-tree line. Might even work as a proposal for Wargaming to put something in (in the unlikely case that they haven't mapped all this)...
This article will touch only on the tech-tree ships, the snippets on each premium ship will come at a later date. For each ship, I provide the layout of how the ship's weaponry is distributed, its technical specifications and with the same formulas I used for the ADLA articles, their in-game values. Finally, I provide a small piece of analysis of what I think about the ship and how it'd fit with its tiermates. Essentially, each of the ships gets a mini-ADLA with all the information you might be looking for to compare it to its tiermates that are already in-game. Let's hope we see these ships in the virtual seas soon!
Published by Kelorn 6 weeks ago The Warships Podcast Episode 41: Enterprise AP Bombs, Server Clash II, Aerrooooooooooooon, and Ranked Season 7
The podcast crew continues the tradition of bringing Aerroon back to the show to discuss the ins and outs of each ship for the upcoming Tier 6 Ranked Season. Join us as we go through the extensive list of premium and non-premium Tier 6 ships and decide which ones are more viable than others. Kami is excited to announce he'll be streaming the NA vs EU Server Clash this weekend, check the full description for links. Before we get to all of that, we talk about the addition of AP bombs to USS Enterprise and how they'll affect the Tier 8 premium carrier and the USN CV line in general.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 6 weeks ago /PREVIEW:  High School Fleet Vessels
HSF Graf Spee and HSF Harekaze are coming very soon to World of Warships.  Mouse provides a brief preview why even non-anime fans should consider taking a closer look at these vessels when they become available.
Published by Aetam 6 weeks ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 35
Episode 35 is ready! This time we have some brave cruisers and many brawls. Let the carnage begin!
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 7 weeks ago under De Grasse /Premium Ship Review:  De Grasse
Lert got Mouse's hopes up and De Grasse disappointed her.  Instead of getting the late 1950s anti-aircraft cruiser, De Grasse appears in World of Warships as she was intended to be built had WW2 not changed things.  Mouse takes a closer look at the ship she could have been.
Published by Kelorn 8 weeks ago The Warships Podcast Episode 41: Arlios comes to visit and talk Kidd, Kaga, and Tier 6 Ranked!
Arlios visits the podcast to talk about his amazing Youtube videos and his perspective on World of Warships. Vanessa gives us some new insight into her experience with the USS Kidd and the podcast crew talks about the upcoming NA release of IJN Kaga. The participation levels and number of battleships for the Hunt the Bismarck campaign are of interest to us as a group and we hope that more events like it are upcoming. Finally, we get in depth about what ships are out there for a potential upcoming Tier 6 Ranked season and what the meta might look like!
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 weeks ago under Kaga /Premium Ship Review:  Kaga
Sit up and take notice:  The landscape for competitive play at tier 7 just got a new entrant.  While the fanfare surrounding her arrival has been much quieter in the wake of HMS Hood, Kaga promises to shake things up more than the British Batltecruiser ever could.
Published by Aetam 2 months ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 34
A new episode is here! Detonations, good rng, bad luck, we have it all. Watch ships clash in epic battles and enjoy the carnage.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 months ago /Fun and Engaging Science:  Part Four
Mouse is still at it.  She takes a detour to explain some of her experiments with high-explosive blast radius and damage effects, going so far as to map out an estimation of the explosive power of various shell, bomb and torpedo types found in game. 
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