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The Warships Podcast Episode 8: Aerroon and what ships to use in Ranked Season 512 hours ago
The Warships Podcast Episode 8: What ships to use for Ranked Season 5 with Aerroon!
Join us this week as special guest Aerroon stops by to discuss the upcoming 0.5.12 Patch Changes, the reversal of the bow armor nerfs, and, most importantly, what ships you should use for Ranked Season 5!
A Detailed Look At: Roofdier class destroyers3 days ago

A Detailed Look At: Roofdier class destroyers

At the start of the 20th centuty the Dutch navy operated a class of eight small, turbine driven destroyers, though an argument could be made they were torpedo boats instead. These ships, bridging the gap between small torpedo-armed attack boats and the ships originally designed to counter them, is the subject of today's article.
Without further ado, let's see how and if the Roofdier class destroyers would fit into the game.
Ship Review Mouse in the Isokaze4 days ago

Ship Review:  Mouse in the Isokaze

It's Friday!  Mouse has recovered from the plague (ew) but not in time to do an in depth review of the Baltimore like everyone was asking.  Instead she offers this consolatory look at one of the tier 4 beauties: the IJN Destroyer Isokaze.  With change on the horizon for the Japanese Destroyer line, she thought it was on point to look at this potential seal clubber before it changes forever...
Premium Ship Review Prinz Eugen6 days ago

Premium Ship Review:  Prinz Eugen

More German ships!  First the Scharnhorst, then the Konig Albert and now this newest offering hits the stores.  Reputed to be one of the best crew trainers in the game, this is the second premium ship to offer the option of a second camouflage scheme.  Mouse takes a belated look at the new German premium heavy cruiser, the Prinz Eugen. 
Project Wrecked: Episode 166 days ago

Project Wrecked: Episode 16

The newest episode of our World of Warships highlight series is ready. This time we have a lot of torpedos and some clueless battleships. Enjoy the explosions!
A Detailed Look At: De Zeven Provincien (1909)7 days ago

A Detailed Look At: De Zeven Provincien (1909)

A ship of the early 20th century, of a class not in this game. Slow, only two main guns and a very schizophrenic design. Is it a cruiser? Is it a battleship?
Let's see how De Zeven Provincien (1909) fits into the game, if it does at all.
Premium Ship Review HMS Warspite8 days ago

Premium Ship Review:  HMS Warspite

Mouse's favourite baby girl, the HMS Warspite gets an update.  To be fair, this is the third time Mouse has sung the praises of this ship but with good reason.  Since her review back in November of 2015, the Warspite has received a model update and the game has significantly changed.  Let's see if her old favourite still holds up with all of these fancier boats muddying up the waters.
Wargaming Live 1 Year Anniversary WoWS (NA vs EU) Saturday 9/1711 days ago

Wargaming Live 1 Year Anniversary WoWS

(NA vs EU) Saturday 9/17
Wargaming is doing a Live Twitch Giveaway and a NA vs EU clan event tomorrow (Saturday 9/17). There will be lots of fun planned, tons of prizes, a joke match with 12v12 mikasas. Come join ShipComrade along with many other Wargaming contributors from NA & EU during the pre-show. Over 100k 
doubloons to be given away!
ShipComrade needs your help / Fundraising appeal11 days ago

ShipComrade needs your help!

A more serious subject now. Our fearless leader is going through a serious family issue right now. His step-father, elderly and needing medical care, is facing homelessness after he was scammed out of his house and all his possessions.
Here is what happened, and how you can help.d
Battlecruiser Wednesdays: HMS Hood13 days ago

Battlecruiser Wednesdays: HMS Hood

Welcome to the third article from our Battlecruiser Wednesdays cycle! We'll be taking a look at a different battlecruiser design each wednesday and analysing how it could be implemented in-game by using our familiar "A Detailed Look At" format.
This week: I'll be taking a look at the HMS Hood, last and mightiest of the Royal Navy's battlecruisers. The Hood is an almost mythical ship and has forever stepped into the history of the British Navy and the British people themselves. For a long time the HMS Hood was heralded as the unsinkable stalwart of the Royal Navy, commanding the respect of any who dared face upon it and remained a popular symbol of the Royal Navy's might up to its fateful demise when hunting the Bismarck.
Step inside, read the article to see just how the Hood's would stack up in-game and let us know what you think of this unique ship making its way into the game!
The Warships Podcast Episode 7: 0.5.11 Changes!2 weeks ago

The Warships Podcast Episode 7: 0.5.11 Changes and other matters!

Join us this week as Kelorn and KamiSamurai discuss Patch 0.5.11 and other current events in World of Warships! 
A Detailed Look At: Dutch 1913 Battleship Proposal2 weeks ago

A Detailed Look At: Dutch 1913 Battleship Proposal

In the early 1910s it was decided by the Dutch admiralty that there was a need for the Dutch navy to step up and take their rightful place in history. To this end, a proper Battleship, rivaling anything the major navies had afloat, was needed. As such, a design requirement was sent to various ship builders across Europe.
This article briefly discusses various designed from Armstrong and Vickers, then goes into more detail about the design that in my opinion was most viable, the Germania Werft entwurf 803.
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