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Gamescom Q&A with Jacek Pudlik15 hours ago

Gamescom Q&A with Jacek Pudlik

At Gamescom 2016 in Germany, we had the opportunity to do a short interview & conversation with Jacek Pudlik, the Associate Publishing Producer at He was able to give us a brief overview of the direction the game is heading along with touching base on various issues.

A Detailed Look At: HMS Agincourt1 day ago

A Detailed Look At: HMS Agincourt

 Agincourt is an early British dreadnought sporting some amazing firepower, something she pays for with squishy armor.
 How would this ship work in World of Warships?
I spy in the warships API Prinz Eugen6 days ago

I Spy in the Warships API, the Prinz Eugen

Look at what we found in the 0.5.10 API files:  The Prinz Eugen.  She's nowhere close to being released but we do have some preliminary stats to look at.  Mouse takes a gander at this famous vessel and compares her directly to the lead of her class, the Admiral Hipper to try and guess how she will perform in World of Warships.
Not all Consumables are Created Equal6 days ago

Not all Consumables are Created Equal

What's the difference between the smoke screen laid by a US Destroyer and the Polish Premium Blyskawica?  Why are German cruiser-launched fighters more likely to survive the tail gunners of high tier attack squadrons?  Does Russian bias exist with premiums?  Are Soviet consumables just better than everyone else?  Mouse takes a close look at how consumables vary between tiers, types and nations in World of Warships.
Mouse in the Gneisenau7 days ago

Mouse in the Gneisenau

The first of a new series.  Mouse will be reviewing ships found in the tech tree and has opted to start with one of the gems found among the German Battleships:  the Gneisenau.  Threatened to be overshadowed by her premium sister-ship, the Scharnhorst, the Gneisenau will not be outdone.  She's everything you could want a sleek raider to be.
Premium Ship Review Flint9 days ago

Premium Ship Review: USS Flint

She doesn't look much like a carrot to me.  But this is it.  This is the ship that will make thousands of players test their mettle in Season Five of Ranked Battles.  Rumour has it that despite her humble USS Atlanta appearance, she's grossly overpowered.  Mouse takes a closer look into the vessel that's causing all of the fuss.  Be warned, gentle reader.  This review may make you abandon your common sense and want to #GetBoat too.
A new writer for ShipComrade!10 days ago

A new writer for ShipComrade!

In which I write my introduction and tell a little bit about who I am, and what I will be writing about on Shipcomrade.
My name is Lert, a former WoT community contributor on the NA forum and current local grumpy ship reviewer on World of Warships NA forum. 
Premium Ship Review Dunkerque12 days ago

Premium Ship Review:  Dunkerque

Vive la France!  The Dunkerque makes her debut in World of Warships this week.  As the newest nation to join the game, there's a lot of questions on what kind of flavour the French will add to the game.  Will they make waves?  Will they flounder?  Mouse takes out this beauty of a warship out onto the blue to weigh and measure.
Project Wrecked: Episode 132 weeks ago

Project Wrecked: Episode 13

Project Wrecked is back! We have a new episode with some nice clips. Watch as ships prevail against all odds and enjoy the explosions.
Premium Ship Review Scharnhorst2 weeks ago

Premium Ship Review:  Scharnhorst

Look out on the ocean!  Is it a heavy cruiser?  Is it a battleship?  No, it's the Scharnhorst!

After what felt like an eternity of being chewed through the testing process, the Scharnhorst looks ready for release.  Can she live up to the hype that's built up around all of the rumours of needing constant nerfs to bring her in line?  Mouse takes a closer look at this iconic vessel.

The Maine Potato Incident: USS O' Bannon (DD-450)3 weeks ago

USS O' Bannon DD-450The Potato Incident: USS O' Bannon (DD-450)

The USS O' Bannon was a Fletcher class destroyer laid down by Bath Iron Works on March 3, 1941 & commissioned at Boston June 26, 1942.
Mikasa/Pre-dreadnought Appreciation Society event3 weeks ago

Mikasa/Pre-dreadnought Appreciation Society event

Ahoy captains! The Mikasa/Pre-dreadnought Appreciation Society has launched an event and we are happy to help promote it.

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