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Published by LittleWhiteMouse 3 days ago /First Impressions:  de Grasse
Once again, Mouse decided to actually play the game (shock!) and try something new.  Wargaming has given her access to the new tier 6 French Cruiser, de Grasse which is still under testing.  She put it through a handful of games, jotted down her feelings about this new ship.  Unable to leave well enough alone, she then did her research after the fact to compare how her initial impressions stacked up to the facts and figures behind the boat.
Published by Kelorn 3 days ago The Warships Podcast Episode 39: New Kidd on the Block: USS Kidd and DeGrasse First Impressions (WiP)
Tune in for a first look at the new upcoming Premiums USS Kidd and DeGrasse! 
Published by Fr05ty 8 days ago /A Detailed Look At: HNLMS Karel Doorman (QH1)
The Karel Doorman was the first aircraft carrier possessed by the Dutch Koninklijke Marine. Built as an escort carrier from a merchant ship under construction in Scotland, the Karel Doorman was first known as the HMS Nairana of the British Royal Navy and escorted convoys from the Mediterranean to the Arctic with great success. Inducted into the Dutch Royal Navy after the war, she was returned to the Royal Navy after a couple of years and finally ended as a merchant ship.
Throughout this article I look at how the Karel Doorman could make its way into the game, carefully analysing every aspect of it and talking of its short history in action. The Karel Doorman was the first vessel of its kind in service of the Dutch people, worthy of its inclusion as a mighty vessel in the service of one of the most storied and under-represented navies in the world.
Published by Aetam 8 days ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 33
Episode 33 is ready! This time we have the survival minigame, brawling, torpedoes, double strikes and more. Enjoy.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 9 days ago /Detonation Mechanics with Sub_Octavian
Mouse had the chance to sit down and ask Sub_Octavian about the ins and outs of detonation mechanics, including uncovering some fixed values on what causes these fun and engaging explosions.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 10 days ago under Hood /Premium Ship PREVIEW:  HMS Hood
Where has Mouse been all month?  Check under the Hood!
Published by Lert 13 days ago /A Detailed Look At: van Kinsbergen sloop
A very storied Dutch ship, uncelebrated and unceremoniously broken up in the 1970s, despite having a claim to the title of 'most successful Dutch surface ship of the second world war'. Just what kind of ship could claim such a title, and with what kind of history behind it?
Read and find out ...
Published by Lert 2 weeks ago /Dutch Rapana class carriers
A carrier which isn't, driven by a nation that didn't build it, a ship which doesn't fit into the game. Why discuss it at all?
Because quirky ships are cool. That's why.
Published by Kelorn 3 weeks ago The Warships Podcast Episode 37: Star Wars Day Podcast!
No guest this week as the podcast hosts recap interesting aspects of the interview with Sub Octavian. After that we discuss the updates to the Hood and Kaga for final production tests and the 0.6.5 changes. Then we delve into the aspects of the new in game events, especially the Clash of Elements and the upcoming Sink the Bismarck campaign. We close with a look back at the Captain skills after playing with them for several months.

Don't forget to spend your Clash of the Elements coins by May 18th!
Published by Aetam 3 weeks ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 32
A new Episode is here! A shy destroyer, an epic Tirpitz and many more things await you. I hope you enjoy it!
Published by Kelorn 4 weeks ago The Warships Podcast Episode 36: Warships Math with Sub Octavian
Sub Octavian joins us on the podcast from Russia to answer some specific questions about Warships Math. Ever wondered what exactly sigma is? Or about how locking on to a target affects your accuracy? We get these questions and much much more answered as Sub Octavian gives us an amazing insight into how World of Warships mechanics work and how ship balance is determined.
Published by Kelorn 4 weeks ago The Warships Podcast Episode 35: HMS Hood, Kaga, Tirpitz secondaries and more with iChase
iChase joins the podcast crew on a momentous day. All four of us received the Hood and Kaga to test mere hours before the podcast and we share our first impressions of the initial work in progress ship iterations. We hope for some Hood buffs and are floored by how good the Kaga is. Following that, we talk about our initial impressions of the French Cruisers on live, and the changes to the Tirpitz secondaries and Des Moines deck armor.
Published by Aetam 5 weeks ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 31
We have a new episode! Ships that are badly out numbered, blind torpedoes and a lot of carnage awaits.
Published by Lert 6 weeks ago /A Detailed Look At: Friesland Class Destroyer
What's that? A post-war, 1950's era destroyer? In my world of Warships?!
It's more viable than you think.
click to find out more!
Published by Kelorn 6 weeks ago The Warships Podcast Episode 34: ClydethaMonkey, PTS Patch 0.6.4, and in-depth Tier x Tier French Cruisers
Norwegian twitch streamer ClydeThaMonkey joins the podcast crew this week to discuss the latest from a busy week in World of Warships. First up, we talk about the incoming changes in Patch 0.6.4, including the ever beloved Mogami, as well as the upcoming tweaks to various maps. Next, we discuss the start of the Clash of the Elements event literally getting underway as we recorded the podcast. Finally, after a weekend of testing, we discuss the ins and outs of each French Cruiser, from Tier 1 to Tier X.
Published by Kelorn 6 weeks ago Viva la France! Kelorn's French Cruiser Testing April 7-9 WIP Version
 Who wants to know more about French Cruisers?! 
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 6 weeks ago /First Impressions:  Henri IV
Next up on Mouse's quick preview list is the tier 10 French Battleship ... wait, it's a Cruiser?  Good gravy.  Okay, Mouse evaluates the tier 10 French Cruiser, Henri IV.  With only a handful of games under her belt, she shares with us her first impressions of this beast.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 6 weeks ago /First Impressions:  La Galissonnière
Mouse checked her brain at the door and decided to do something daring and just play the game.  Pen in hand, she went strictly by her gut when she put together the list of likes and dislikes she had for the new tier 6 French cruiser, la Galissonière.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 7 weeks ago /Premium Ship PREVIEW:  Duca D'Aosta
Duca d'Aosta received some significant changes in -- so many and so telling that it made Mouse cry.  I mean, she had just finished her first review and then they go and change everything!  Poor thing.  She's probably going to need a little break after cranking this one out.  Let's hope they don't change it again.
Published by Kelorn 7 weeks ago The Warships Podcast Episode 33: Wargaming EU gives a window into Content Creation and Duca D'Aosta gets a Preview!
Publisher Karsun and Community Coordinator MrConway from Wargaming EU answer questions about the EU Server. They include tidbits about content creation, Ranked Season 6 participation, the challenges of a multi-lingual server, and feedback from the Christmas Convoys. We also talk about the effect of stealth fire removal, the changes to the French ships, and the Podcast crew previews the Duca D'Aosta. Finally, we wrap up by talking about the new Dry Dock on PTS 0.6.4 and the teaser for the upcoming patch.

Two big announcements are inserted in the middle of all of that, with the Podcast crew announcing their inclusion as Wargaming NA CC's and a special shout out to the Gofundme for fellow player Gary Falbo.
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