It is with sad news that I must announce the closing of ShipComrade has now been in operation for over 3 years and in that time has had over 8 million views. I have invested thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to keep it going for the benefit of World of Warships player community & Wargaming. Unfotunally it has become a endless money pit due to a lack of support and the use of ad blockers. I can no longer continue to throw money & time into this endless pit for a community & company who doesn't seem to really care.

Community Support: Over the last 3 years I have helped countless other Wargaming contributors get exposed to fans and Wargaming. Many have tried to help in anyway they could, others have just used me and moved on. As far as financial support, over the last 3 years I have a total of 2 paypal donations & 2 Patreons to help keep ShipComrade going. While I appreciate those 4 people greatly, The total over those 3 years has been $34 ($11/year). With that kind of support, one could only come to the conclusion that most fans could care less if ShipComrade shuts down.

Wargaming Support: Even though I was instrumental in getting both Wargaming NA & EU contributor programs going and bringing contributors together. Someone in corporate HQ decided to take over those programs and give me the boot because to them I no longer qualify as a contributor because I don't pump out Ship Reviews on a limited time schedule. So to them, I don't matter nor do I deserve Wargaming's support anymore. Please note, Wargaming has never given ShipComrade an affilate program or any financial support during the past 3 years. Only talk of support!



2 Ways to Save ShipComrade

Patreon Campaign of $150/Month Goal I can no longer afford to be the sole financial supporter of this website. If the community can rally enough support to meet $150/month before September 1st 2018, I will keep it going as I really don't want to see it die! But I refuse to keep throwing my money into this anymore without help.

New Owner I am willing to sell ShipComrade to someone else so they can continue improving and growing it and to also try and recoup some of the money I have invested into this. Please contact me at and make me an offer if you are interested in becoming the new owner of a well established website.