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 One of the things I think World of Tanks does better than World of Warships is reward players with achievements and medals.  When earning “heroic achievements” in World of Tanks, players on the losing team get a “courageous resistance” bonus, treating them as if they were on the winning team for the purposes of credit and experience gains.  This can provide a welcome salve when one has an epic game and still ends up losing.
Here’s some suggestions for possible awards in World of Warships.
  • Levianthan’s Hunger:  8 kills
  • Neptune’s Wrath:  10 kills.  Nep-Nep.
  •  Apex Predator:  Kill one of every ship type and survive the battle.
  •   Fly Swatter:  In a single strafe, destroy 15 or more enemy aircraft.  Aircraft Carriers Only.
  •   Turkey Shoot:  Shoot down 30 or more enemy aircraft, sink at least 2 enemy ships, win and survive the battle without losing more than 10 of your own planes.  Aircraft Carriers Only.
  •   Notser’s Medal:  While your ship is run aground, sink 3 enemy ships.  Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers only.  “Hey, this is Notser.”
  •   Yuro’s Medal:  Take X potential damage from torpedoes without taking any torpedo hits.
  •  Jingles’ Medal:  Land 8 or more citadel hits.  Battleships only.  “Sailing broadside-on to a battleship?  That’s a paddlin’…”
  •   Git Gud Medal:   Earn 10 base defense ribbons, reduce the enemy capture attempts by a minimum of 100pts and sink 3 enemies inside of a friendly or uncontested cap circle.  Survive the Battle.
  •   Gorazdowski’s Medal:  Shoot down 30 enemy attack aircraft (dive bombers and/or torpedo bombers).  Destroyer or Cruiser only.  Named after the Captain of ORP Blyskawica which defended the British town of Cowes on May4-5th 1942.
  •   Hartog’s Medal:  Sink 2 enemy ships, take at least X-million potential damage and survive.  Named after commander Johannes Hartog, commander of SMS Derfflinger at the Battle of Jutland on May 31st, 1916.  Derfflinger assisted in the sinking of HMS Queen Mary and HMS Invincible.  Her charge of the British lines afforded time for the rest of the High Seas Fleet to escape where Derfflinger suffered 17 hits from large caliber guns and still managed to limp back to port.
  •  DeWolf’s Medal:  Destroy 2 or more enemies concealed in smoke.  Named after Captain Harry DeWolf of HMCS Haida who during the night actions in the English Channel leading up to Operation Overlord in June1944 who assisted in the destruction of German surface vessels including T-24, Z32 and T-27.
  •   Mikawa’s Medal:  Capture 3 or more bases in Epicenter or Domination.  Cruisers & Battleships only.  Named after Guinichi Mikawa who led his squadron of cruisers at the Battle of Savo Island.  His daring night attack on the allied forces stationed off Guadalcanal cost the Allies four heavy cruisers.
  •   Clemson’s Medal:  Sink 2 cruisers and survive the battle.  Ships must two tiers higher.  Destroyers only.
  •   Bogatyr’s Medal:  Sink 2 battleships and survive the battle.  Ships must be two tiers higher.  Cruisers only.
  •   Warspite’s Medal:  Sink 2 enemy destroyers and survive the battle.  Ships must be two tiers higher.  Battleships only.

Take the names and icons with a pinch of salt — I had fun with these. Let me know if you can think of a few more!  If you enjoy the content I produce, please consider supporting me on Patreon!


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