I spy in the warships API Prinz Eugen

It’s that magical time where my boss updates all of the ship’s stats in the ShipComrade database.  With every patch, he pulls them from the API files that Wargaming makes public in order to ensure that we have accurate information and reference material for our readers.  This usually gives us a sneak peak at what ships the Supertesters will be working on next.  With 0.5.10, a beautiful little gem was uncovered and I couldn’t wait until I got my hands on it to talk a little about this ship.
You can see for yourself here:
Now let’s be clear:  I haven’t played this ship.  I haven’t been given this ship to look at in port.  I am just going by the API data.  Understood?  Cool.  We are going into full theorycraft-mode here.  This is an educated guess based on what we’re seeing of the Prinz Eugen’s initial statistics.  Keep in mind, all of this can (and probably will) change several times before she’s released.  But let’s have some fun getting excited over what could be.
As an Admiral Hipper-class Cruiser, this gives us an obvious frame of reference from which to compare the Prinz Eugen.  Throughout this preview, I’m going to match her up directly with the fully upgraded Admiral Hipper (sans modules, Captain Skills, etc) and we’ll talk about what makes her special.
I’m going to go over this section by section, the same way information would normally be laid out in port.
The Prinz Eugen has 45,000hp.  This is 1,200hp more than the Admiral Hipper.  It’s not uncommon for us to see Premium Ships with a little more worth in their girth, so there’s nothing too surprising there.  Both of their armour values appear identical.  I’m expecting to see the reason for her chubbiness in her armaments and see a penalty in her agility as a result.
Verdict:  She’s a fat Hipper.
Let’s compare the Prinz Eugen’s stats to the Admiral Hipper’s.
  • Main Battery:  4×2 203mm  A-B-X-Y turret arrangement  (same)
  • Rate of Fire:  4.615 rpm (same)
  • 180′ Turn:  22.5s (same)
  • Maximum Dispersion:  153m (same over same distance)
  • Max HE damage:  2500 (same)
  • Fire Chance:  13.0% (same)
  • Max AP damage: 5900 (same)
  • Max range:  17.5km (vs 17.7km)

Well, nothing much different there except for the range.  To be honest, if there wasn’t that little 200m blip in their reach, I would have been second guessing myself that this was a different ship.  So, the main battery is the same as Admiral Hipper’s.  Dull as this may be, it’s a rather good thing.  The Admiral Hipper’s guns perform well.  Their AP can give any ship they slap a big ol’ headache.  Now, we can’t look at the secondary gun compliment because it wasn’t from the information pulled from the API data.  We can only guess here, but looking at the good ol’ Wikipedia entry on the Prinz Eugen, she had the same dual 105mm gun mounts as the lead of her class.  We can safely assume they’ll be very similar there.  I’ll list the Admiral Hipper’s guns below.

  • Secondary Battery:  6×2 105mm guns
  • Rate of Fire: 17.65rpm
  • Max HE: 1300
  • Fire Chance:  9%
  • Max Range:  4.5km

This is a nice little secondary compliment but it’s not going to dissuade anyone from getting in too close.  That’s your torpedoes’ job.

 Verdict:  Vanilla.  It’s a clone of the Admiral Hipper so far.  Except, y’know, the fatness we talked about before.
Well, for variety’s sake, it’s not looking good.  I happen to know the G7aT1 torpedoes off by heart (what with being a U-Boat enthusiast when I was little).  These are the same torpedoes found on all German cruisers, from the Konigsberg on up.  They’re nice fish with a 64 knot top speed, a 6.0km range and a warhead that does 13,700 damage when they strike. The Admiral Hipper has four triple launchers — two on each side.  The Prinz Eugen has the exact same load out.  Right down to the same 68s reload.
Verdict:  It’s like I’m seeing twins at this stage… but the twin on the left has been chowing down on Big Macs.
AA Defense
Alright, this has got to be where there’s going to be some form of a difference.  Wargaming loves to change up the AA values on Premium Ships to make them stand out.  Unfortunately, this is usually for the worse.  Though when it’s for the better, it’s always hilarious (USS Texas, I’m looking at you).  The Prinz Eugen has:
  • Six (6) dual purpose twin 105mm guns (Hey, we were right about those secondaries).  99dps @ 4.5km
  • Eighteen (18) 40mm L56 Flak guns with 134dps @ 3.5km.
  • Two (2) 20mm Flak38s (probably dual barreled) with 8dps @ 2.0km
  • Six (6) quad 20mm Flak38s with 36dps @ 2.0km

This gives the Prinz Eugen 99dps / 233dps / 277dps at ranges of 4.5km / 3.5km / 2.0km respectively.  Compare this to the Admiral Hipper and you get 100 / 235 / 288dps at the same ranges.  So there we go — some minor differences!  Hooray!

Verdict:  She better really be enjoying those Big Macs to justify the size difference cause I’m still not seeing where else it could have come from.
Generally, Premium ships lose out on agility.  There are some rare exceptions, but it’s seldom happy news here.  Let’s look at the difference between the Prinz Eugen and the Admiral Hipper.  Brace yourselves.
  • Maximum Speed:  32.0 knots for the Prinz vs 32.0 knots for the Admiral.
  • Turning Circle:  770m for the Prinz vs 740m for the Admiral (ouch)
  • Rudder Shift:  10.9s for the Prinz vs 10.7s for the Admiral.

Well, there’s no surprise there.  The Prinz Eugen gains an extra 30m in the turn and her rudder’s 0.2s slower.  That’s not too bad, really and it’s the usual form of “premium tax” that I’m accustomed to seeing.

Verdict:  Fat boat doesn’t turn as well.  Big surprise.
 Well, down to the last.  Let’s take a look.
  •  Surface Detection Range:  14.5km for Prinz vs 14.2km for the Admiral.
  • Aerial Detection Range:  9.4km for Prinz vs 9.0km for the Admiral.

Verdict:  Insert follow-up fat joke here.

And that’s all the base stats we can see in the API.  What did we learn?
  • The Prinz Eugen is almost a clone of the Admiral Hipper in terms of stats.
  • She has a marginal increase in hit points.
  • She has slightly less range on her main guns.
  • She has slightly worse AA values — almost unnoticeable.
  • She has slightly worse handling but the same top speed.
  • She’s visible from further out than the Admiral Hipper, but only by 300m or so.

Do you feel underwhelmed?  I’m feeling underwhelmed.  At least, I am on the surface.  But this already tells me a lot.  The gimmick of the Prinz Eugen isn’t going to be found in her baseline stats.  I predict that we’ll see it in her consumable choice — at least, that’s what the close similarities between the two ships is indicating to me.  While the name of the Prinz Eugen would certainly be sufficient enough to make people want to covet it, I strongly suspect that Wargaming is going to incentivize picking up this premium with something interesting.

So put down your pitchforks and stifle your disappointment.  Let’s go over what we don’t know:
  • We don’t know what combination of consumables she has.  
    This is the big one.  Imagine if she has a Smoke Generator.  Imagine if she has Radar.  Imagine if she has a Repair Party.  The unknowns here can make or break a premium ship.  You need only look at the USS Flint vs the USS Atlanta to see this in action.
  • We don’t know what her premium camouflage does.
    The Pan-Asian destroyer, Anshan, became very interesting — not just as a Gnevy-clone at tier 6 with better torpedoes, but because she earned bonus free experience.
  • We don’t know if these will be her final released statistics.
    Everything is still subject to change.
We’ll keep an eye on this one.  I’ll generate a full Premium Ship Review when I have a chance to sit down and play with her.

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