150 Premium Italian Cruiser Containers Opened

Hullo, everyone!  It’s that time again.  Wargaming has released Premium Italian Cruiser Containers on the premium shop.  My fellow Community Contributors and I were provided with 15 of these containers each to open and to make content about, so content I shall make.  I spent this evening talking with my fellow CCs to get the numbers from their boxes, including watching their streams and YouTube videos.  Between us, we have ten sets of data to share with you to give you a better idea of the odds of unlocking the new ships and of getting particular drops.

Seems pretty straight forward, doesn’t it?

DISCLAIMER:  We didn’t pay for these.

Wargaming provided 15 containers to each of the Community Contributors for free.  Please be aware that there was no cost associated to us for collecting and opening these!

These crates come in two distinct flavours:

  • TYPE 1:  7x Regia Marina camouflage + 10 Special Signals
  • TYPE 2:  7x Type 59 camouflage + 150 doubloons + CHANCE OF MISSION

Missions never drop with the Regia Marina camouflage.  Doubloons never drop with the Regia Marina camouflage.  It’s possible to get Type 59 camouflage + doubloons and no missions, even if you haven’t received a mission yet.  The same mission can only drop once, thus the odds of seeing one drop are a bit misleading the more boxes you open.  So keep in mind, the data here are for the odds of opening FIFTEEN BOXES and FIFTEEN BOXES ONLY.

Your odds are approximately:

  • Receiving a ship mission:  17%
  • Receiving Regia Marina camouflage & signals: 73%
  • Receiving Type 59 camouflage & doubloons: 27%

On a per player basis:

  • Odds of seeing Amalfi from your first 15 crates:  3 in 10
  • Odds of seeing Zara from your first 15 crates: 3 in 5
  • Odds of seeing Trento from your first 15 crates: 4 in 5
  • Odds of seeing Montecuccoli from your first 15 crates: 9 in 10

On a per crate basis (counting the number of boxes opened in total, subtracting all remaining boxes after a CC found the ship in question and discarding any results where the order of boxes was unknown).  With so few results, these numbers are highly suspect, so take a huuuuge spoonful of salt here.

  • Odds of seeing Amalfi per crate: 1.7% (2 out of 118)
  • Odds of seeing Zara per crate:  4.9% (4 out of 82)
  • Odds of seeing Trento per crate: 8.7% (6 out of 69)
  • Odds of seeing Montecocculi per crate: 10% (7 out of 70)

Are they worth it?

Keep in mind that I have a general disdain for loot boxes in the first place.  But here’s the actual breakdown in value of the boxes:

  • Regia Marina camouflage crate: Approximately 1020 doubloon value* excluding tokens.
  • Type 59 camouflage crate: Exactly a 1,025 doubloon value, excluding cruiser mission and tokens.

(*) Assumes the value of Dragon Signals and Regia Marina camouflage at 60 doubloons per, based on conversion from credit sale price back to doubloons.  It’s also, of course, assuming that you want everything that can potentially come in these containers.  The value of these containers looks a bit dicey when you compare it straight to the “Purchase any number of doubloons” tool in the premium shop.  Below are the prices in Canadian funds:

  • 1 Crate for $6.30 vs 1025 doubloons for $5.17
  • 5 Crates for $28.34 vs 5125 doubloons for $25.83
  • 10 Crates for $53.54 vs 10250 doubloons for $51.66
  • 25 crates for $125.99 vs 25,625 doubloons for $129.15

However, the real balancing act here comes with the apparent value of the Italian Tokens which can be spent in the Armoury.  These can be converted to a cash value — 20 are worth roughly 250 doubloons when exchanged for 24 hours worth of premium time (though you can spend them on whatever you like).  And this is really what tips the balance.  You have to be able to ALSO make use of those Italian tokens for the loot crates to be worth it, financially speaking.

But don’t take my word for it.  You can check out the premium shop yourself and do the conversion.  For myself, I wouldn’t get them.  I’m happy for Wargaming to let me play with them, don’t get me wrong, but if I wanted Dragon Signals or premium camo, I’d look for it in a premium ship bundle I was after.

These are Canadian prices.

Who Paid Their Dues to RNGebus?

Here’s how each of the individual CCs did.  I’ve got them listed in alphabetical order (sorry ViirtualSenpai!). You can click the images to find more of their content!  


3 thoughts on “150 Premium Italian Cruiser Containers Opened

  1. I bought 15 premium crates and got the following:
    All 4 missions, 1050 doubloons, 1500 tokens, 161 Regia Marina, 49 type 59, 40 Wyvren, 30 Hydra, 50 Ouroboros, 10 Scylla, 20 Dragon, 40 Red Dragon, 10 Basilisk and 30 Leviathan Singals

  2. I purchased 10 expressly for receiving the missions. I was disappointed when I did not get a one. I can only assume it balances out the containers from the French BB release when I bought 14 and won 3 missions. Even at that it was for the tier V, VI and VII ships when, in fact, I was only interested in the tier VIII ship. WG gives and WG takes away. You put your money down and you take your chances.

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