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Published by LittleWhiteMouse 5 days ago under Gallant /Premium Ship Review: HMS Gallant
The Royal Navy always inspires a little bit of excitement -- so hearing that the British G-class destroyers were on their way to World of Warships some months ago got us all aflutter.  There was some surprise that HMS Gallant would be championing the Royal Navy tin cans but the reasoning appears sound.  Mouse takes a look at this tie in to the Dunkirk scenario and how she performs.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 days ago under Blyskawica /Premium Ship Review:  Blyskawica v.
Mouse revisits one of her favourite premium ships with a long overdue update.  She first reviewed Blyskawica back in December of 2015 and the game has changed significantly since that time.  She's joined once more by Lert who provides a supplementary view on how this ship fits currently in the ever evolving meta.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 days ago under Iwaki Alpha /Premium Ship Review:  Iwaki Alpha
Aren't you all a lucky bunch!  Two reviews in the same week?  Mouse hasn't been this productive since the Spring of 2016!  This review has been a long time coming and it's with great pleasure that we can finally present her take on the Iwaki Alpha.
... it's just too bad this ship is no longer really that relevant.  That's right, I said it!
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 weeks ago under HSF Harekaze /Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze
The SEA server got the jump on everyone else when it came to the release of the High School Fleet ships, but we're now seeing them arrive on the European and North American servers as of July 10th.  With this in mind, and with her time no longer being monopolized with trying to figure out how to properly use aircraft on Enterprise, Mouse had no excuse but to spend some time with this crossover vessel.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 3 weeks ago under HSF Admiral Graf Spee /High School Fleet FAQ
Mouse has been receiving (and reading) a lot of questions regarding the World of Warships and High School Fleet cross-over.  She sits down and tries to provide some answers and clarity to these new ships and how they interact with the game.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 4 weeks ago under Enterprise /Premium Ship Review:  USS Enterprise
Wargaming has finally corrected a longstanding mistake in World of Warships:  Not including the Yorktown-class aircraft carrier.  The first to arrive is CV-6, USS Enterprise.  Her development cycle has been very public and very troubled.  Mouse and GrafZeppelinKai take a look at how the finished product has shaped up.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 6 weeks ago /PREVIEW:  High School Fleet Vessels
HSF Graf Spee and HSF Harekaze are coming very soon to World of Warships.  Mouse provides a brief preview why even non-anime fans should consider taking a closer look at these vessels when they become available.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 7 weeks ago under De Grasse /Premium Ship Review:  De Grasse
Lert got Mouse's hopes up and De Grasse disappointed her.  Instead of getting the late 1950s anti-aircraft cruiser, De Grasse appears in World of Warships as she was intended to be built had WW2 not changed things.  Mouse takes a closer look at the ship she could have been.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 weeks ago under Kaga /Premium Ship Review:  Kaga
Sit up and take notice:  The landscape for competitive play at tier 7 just got a new entrant.  While the fanfare surrounding her arrival has been much quieter in the wake of HMS Hood, Kaga promises to shake things up more than the British Batltecruiser ever could.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 months ago /Fun and Engaging Science:  Part Four
Mouse is still at it.  She takes a detour to explain some of her experiments with high-explosive blast radius and damage effects, going so far as to map out an estimation of the explosive power of various shell, bomb and torpedo types found in game. 
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 months ago /Fun and Engaging Science:  Part Three
Many Yamato died to bring you this information.  Mouse (and Lert!) pulverized 400 Yamato-class Battleships to demonstrate what we know and what we don't know regarding how detonations work in World of Warships.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 months ago /First Impressions:  de Grasse
Once again, Mouse decided to actually play the game (shock!) and try something new.  Wargaming has given her access to the new tier 6 French Cruiser, de Grasse which is still under testing.  She put it through a handful of games, jotted down her feelings about this new ship.  Unable to leave well enough alone, she then did her research after the fact to compare how her initial impressions stacked up to the facts and figures behind the boat.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 months ago /Detonation Mechanics with Sub_Octavian
Mouse had the chance to sit down and ask Sub_Octavian about the ins and outs of detonation mechanics, including uncovering some fixed values on what causes these fun and engaging explosions.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 months ago under Hood /Premium Ship PREVIEW:  HMS Hood
Where has Mouse been all month?  Check under the Hood!
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 3 months ago /First Impressions:  Henri IV
Next up on Mouse's quick preview list is the tier 10 French Battleship ... wait, it's a Cruiser?  Good gravy.  Okay, Mouse evaluates the tier 10 French Cruiser, Henri IV.  With only a handful of games under her belt, she shares with us her first impressions of this beast.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 3 months ago /First Impressions:  La Galissonnière
Mouse checked her brain at the door and decided to do something daring and just play the game.  Pen in hand, she went strictly by her gut when she put together the list of likes and dislikes she had for the new tier 6 French cruiser, la Galissonière.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 3 months ago /Premium Ship PREVIEW:  Duca D'Aosta
Duca d'Aosta received some significant changes in -- so many and so telling that it made Mouse cry.  I mean, she had just finished her first review and then they go and change everything!  Poor thing.  She's probably going to need a little break after cranking this one out.  Let's hope they don't change it again.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 3 months ago /Ship Preview:  Duca d'Aosta
Wargaming has provided Mouse with the first Italian ship in the game to test.  She couldn't wait to get her hands on this beautiful looking ship.  However, she quickly discovered a few early problems with the vessel and what should have been a whirlwind love affair turned into a bit of a troubled honeymoon.  Here's the preview of Duca d'Aosta, as she appeared up until April 3rd, 2017 during the testing period.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 4 months ago /Mouse Updates 24 Reviews for 0.6.3
Update 0.6.3 and the removal of stealth-firing put a lot of pressure on Mouse to update her reviews.  However, with such an involved review-process, she knew she couldn't get to them quickly enough for those players who had questions.  Instead, she put together this quick and dirty (and rather tongue-in-cheek) list of how each of the premium ships was affected and what she now thinks of them.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 4 months ago /Swansong for Stealth-Fire
When 0.6.3 launches, ship detection range when firing will be changed from its current mechanic to something much more simple and easy to understand -- the range at which a ship shoots will be its surface detection range when firing.  This has a negative impact on many ships which could previously engage targets with their guns without the need for smoke or terrain.  Mouse takes a closer look at how this will affect the game.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 4 months ago /Premium Ship Review: Alabama
One of the most highly anticipated premium vessels to arrive in World of Warships is about to be released.  USS Alabama, responsible for the public relations poop-storm of 2016, is already causing more controversy.  Mouse and Lert took her out for a test drive and share their thoughts.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 4 months ago under Okhotnik /Premium Ship Review:  Okhotnik
What's this?  Lert and Mouse can't agree if Okhotnik is overpowered or not?  Why is there such a difference of opinions between these two?  What is this ship that has them so divided?  What is that monstrosity in the thumbnail?  No, that's not a fish-eye lens camera trick... that's Okhotnik.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 5 months ago under Atlanta /Premium Ship Review:  Atlanta 3.0
It's been over a year since Mouse last took a detailed look at Atlanta.  The game has evolved significantly in that time.  New Captain Skills, new Upgrades and new Consumables have all changed the landscape of World of Warships.  How has Atlanta fared in the interim?
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 5 months ago under Black /Premium Ship Preview:  USS Black
Black is still very much a work in progress.  However, Wargaming was kind enough to let Mouse have a sneak peak at this new reward vessel.  This ship is normally only available to those who have hit Rank One in five seasons of Ranked Battles, so Mouse was all too eager to take a sneak peak under the hood while it was made available in this very raw state.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 5 months ago under Mutsu /Premium Ship Review:  Mutsu
She's here!  Rejoice, we finally get a mid-tier Japanese Battleship to play with in World of Warships!  Mutsu is the first of the mid-tier IJN Battleships to join the game in 2017.  Mouse, a rabid fan of the Nagato, drags Lert and GrafZeppelinKai along to study this newest offering from Wargaming.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 6 months ago under Oleg /Premium Ship Review: Oleg
Meet the second installment new series of premiums in World of Warships.  What happens when you take an existing vessel from the tech tree, strip it down to its stock configuration and dress it up in premium camouflage?   Mouse and Lert take a closer look at this stock Bogatyr-class cruiser and see what's under the woefully underwhelming hood.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 6 months ago under Kamikaze /Premium Ship Review: Kamikaze
The lead ship to her sisters Fujin and Kamikaze R, the Kamikaze finally comes to the North American server.  After the changes that occurred to the IJN Destroyers with patch 0.5.15, this ship represents a lifeline to the glory days of the past where tier 5 torpedo boats ruled without contest.  Mouse takes a closer look at this relic and why she's just so overpowered but oh so much fun to play.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 7 months ago under Gremyashchy /Premium Ship Review:  Gremyashchy
Wargaming's promotion this holiday season has seen the return of two highly sought after premium ships being made available, if only in a convoluted fashion.  The Gremyashchy, unavailable since Closed Beta ended in the Spring of 2015 has been popping up in people's ports.  Mouse opts to take a closer look at this legendary premium.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 7 months ago under Imperator Nikolai I /Premium Ship Review:  Imperator Nikolai I
Happy Holidays, everyone!  It's come to our attention that more than a few players are receiving rare ships through the "Santa's Secret Stash" promotion that Wargaming has running currently.  One of these ships is the Imperator Nikolai I.  Before everyone rushes out and empties the contents of their wallets on this lottery system, Mouse thought it would be a good time to review this "never-to-be-directly-sold-again" premium.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 7 months ago under Admiral Graf Spee /Premium Ship Review:  Admiral Graf Spee
Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  Is it stronger than a locomotive?  It's the Admiral Graf Spee!  Don't confuse this leviathan of legend for a Battleship, though.  This Cruiser arrives in World of Warships and the trio of LittleWhiteMouse, Lert and NoZoupForYou take a closer look at this odd vessel and uncover her secrets.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 7 months ago under Missouri /Premium Ship Review: USS Missouri
After much teasing and fanfare, the USS Missouri joins World of Warships.  This is the first tier 9 premium ship introduced into the game and also the first ship that can be purchased solely with Free Experience.  With a high asking price, Mouse and NoZoupForYou take a closer look at this iconic vessel to see if she's worth the heavy grind.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 7 months ago under Shinonome /Premium Ship Review:  Shinonome
With patch 0.5.15, Wargaming introduced the Campaign system to World of Warships.  The carrot at the end of the stick for Honorable Service campaign is the tier 6 Japanese Destroyer Shinonome.  Mouse takes a closer look at this reward vessel to see if she's worth devoting time to the grind.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 months ago under Akizuki /Ship Preview:  Mouse in the Akizuki
The Akizuki is the new Japanese destroyer that's getting all of the press.  Some call her a baby Khabarovsk.  Mouse compares her to the Flint.  But is this all hyperbole?  What's got everyone so excited about this new ship anyway?  Join us as Mouse takes a closer look at this new tier 8 Japanese gunship.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 months ago under Katori /Premium Ship Review:  Katori
This ship has teased Mouse for a while.  When she was finally given the green light, she couldn't wait to get her hands on the Katori, having not seen it in play since World of Warships was still in Closed Beta.  In today's helping of ShipComrade goodness, Mouse and Lert take a closer look at this vessel rearmed and re-equipped with her historical vessel.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 months ago under Shiratsuyu /A Tale of Three Sevens: Hatsuharu, Shiratsuyu and Akatsuki
Out with the old, in with the new!  With the new IJN Destroyer tech tree on the horizon, Mouse takes a look at how the tier 7 ships compare, stacking the old Hatsuharu against the new Shiratsuyu and the Akatsuki which will replace her.  There's some interesting surprises in store.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 months ago under Perth /Premium Ship Review: HMAS Perth
Citizens of the British Commonwealth:  REJOICE!  The vaunted HMAS Perth joins World of Warships.  With very little notice but an over abundance of enthusiasm, Mouse takes this ship out on the high seas and applies its guns and torpedoes to the enemy.  Read on to find out how well that went and her take on this handsome vessel with input shared by NoZoupforYou and Lert.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 9 months ago under Belfast /Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast
She's here!  The HMS Belfast, the first of the Royal Navy cruisers, has been spotted.  Mouse twirled for joy when she was given the chance to playtest this historic British beauty.  NoZoupforYou and Lert join her in presenting a first look at this new premium cruiser which heralds the release of the cruiser line.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 10 months ago under Bogatyr /Ship Review:  Mouse in the Bogatyr
It's Friday (still!).  Mouse tallied up the votes from the responses to her Isokaze article and the Bogatyr was the most popular choice.  She comes up for air from Azeroth long enough to take a look at this tier 3 Protected Cruiser, infamous for its rivalry with the St.Louis.  Lert joins her to compare this ship to the other tier 3 cruisers.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 10 months ago under Leningrad /Premium Ship Review:  Leningrad
Tier 7 is becoming a very popular tier for Premium Ships.  This one is most welcome -- the tier 7 Soviet Destroyer Leningrad.  Mouse takes a look at this newest offering from Wargaming.  So don your Soviet-bias hats and prepare to find out if this is another Gremyashchy or will it be something closer to the Krasny Krym?
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 10 months ago under Isokaze /Ship Review:  Mouse in the Isokaze
It's Friday!  Mouse has recovered from the plague (ew) but not in time to do an in depth review of the Baltimore like everyone was asking.  Instead she offers this consolatory look at one of the tier 4 beauties: the IJN Destroyer Isokaze.  With change on the horizon for the Japanese Destroyer line, she thought it was on point to look at this potential seal clubber before it changes forever...
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 10 months ago under Prinz Eugen /Premium Ship Review:  Prinz Eugen
More German ships!  First the Scharnhorst, then the Konig Albert and now this newest offering hits the stores.  Reputed to be one of the best crew trainers in the game, this is the second premium ship to offer the option of a second camouflage scheme.  Mouse takes a belated look at the new German premium heavy cruiser, the Prinz Eugen. 
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 10 months ago under Warspite /Premium Ship Review:  HMS Warspite
Mouse's favourite baby girl, the HMS Warspite gets an update.  To be fair, this is the third time Mouse has sung the praises of this ship but with good reason.  Since her review back in November of 2015, the Warspite has received a model update and the game has significantly changed.  Let's see if her old favourite still holds up with all of these fancier boats muddying up the waters.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 10 months ago under Iowa /Ship Review:  Mouse in the Iowa
Is it Friday already?  Today Mouse takes a look at the vessel that probably got a whole number of people interested in World of Warships:  Iowa.  Tier for tier, she's often thought to be the best warship of the USN Battleship line.  Yet the American poster-girl doesn't have everything her own way. 
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 11 months ago under Konig Albert /Premium Ship Review:  König Albert
Between the Schanrhorst, Gneisenau and Bismarck, the König Albert marks Mouse's fourth German Battleship review this month.  She must be getting sick of it, because she's dragged both Lert and NoZoupForYou to provide commentary on this low tier German vessel.  Zoup and Lert both called this ship the German Imperator Nikolai I, but Mouse disagrees.  Find out why!
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 11 months ago under Bismarck /Ship Review:  Mouse in the Bismarck
Immunity to citadel penetrations is overpowered!   Mouse takes full advantage of the lack of Fairey Swordfish to take the Bismarck out for a spin.  She's joined by NoZoupForYou who provides a video narration of the ship's Pros and Cons and summary.
Did Mouse seriously call the Bismarck overpowered? I think she did.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 11 months ago under Prinz Eugen /I Spy in the Warships API, the Prinz Eugen
Look at what we found in the 0.5.10 API files:  The Prinz Eugen.  She's nowhere close to being released but we do have some preliminary stats to look at.  Mouse takes a gander at this famous vessel and compares her directly to the lead of her class, the Admiral Hipper to try and guess how she will perform in World of Warships.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 11 months ago /Not all Consumables are Created Equal
What's the difference between the smoke screen laid by a US Destroyer and the Polish Premium Blyskawica?  Why are German cruiser-launched fighters more likely to survive the tail gunners of high tier attack squadrons?  Does Russian bias exist with premiums?  Are Soviet consumables just better than everyone else?  Mouse takes a close look at how consumables vary between tiers, types and nations in World of Warships.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 11 months ago under Gneisenau /Mouse in the Gneisenau
The first of a new series.  Mouse will be reviewing ships found in the tech tree and has opted to start with one of the gems found among the German Battleships:  the Gneisenau.  Threatened to be overshadowed by her premium sister-ship, the Scharnhorst, the Gneisenau will not be outdone.  She's everything you could want a sleek raider to be.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 11 months ago under Flint /Premium Ship Review: USS Flint
She doesn't look much like a carrot to me.  But this is it.  This is the ship that will make thousands of players test their mettle in Season Five of Ranked Battles.  Rumour has it that despite her humble USS Atlanta appearance, she's grossly overpowered.  Mouse takes a closer look into the vessel that's causing all of the fuss.  Be warned, gentle reader.  This review may make you abandon your common sense and want to #GetBoat too.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 11 months ago under Dunkerque /Premium Ship Review:  Dunkerque
Vive la France!  The Dunkerque makes her debut in World of Warships this week.  As the newest nation to join the game, there's a lot of questions on what kind of flavour the French will add to the game.  Will they make waves?  Will they flounder?  Mouse takes out this beauty of a warship out onto the blue to weigh and measure.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 11 months ago under Scharnhorst /Premium Ship Review:  Scharnhorst
Look out on the ocean!  Is it a heavy cruiser?  Is it a battleship?  No, it's the Scharnhorst!

After what felt like an eternity of being chewed through the testing process, the Scharnhorst looks ready for release.  Can she live up to the hype that's built up around all of the rumours of needing constant nerfs to bring her in line?  Mouse takes a closer look at this iconic vessel.

Published by LittleWhiteMouse 12 months ago /Premium Ship Review:  Krasny Krym
Hey look, it's another premium cruiser!  Does this newest iteration have the clout to compete with the likes of the Molotov, Mikhail Kutuzov and Murmansk?  Today Mouse takes a look at this newest Russian premium that's competing for your hard earned coin.  Will it be a good trainer?  Will it be a competitive warship?  Will it even be good?  The answers are disappointing...
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 12 months ago /#GetBoat YoYos
In the panic to get to Rank One, you may find yourself discouraged by losing ground -- dropping from newly reached heights to the doldrums of the lower Ranks from before.  Remember, this is always about the long haul and not short term gains.  Mouse talks about keeping your spirits up during these insufferable ups and downs.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 12 months ago /#GetBoat High Rank Meta
Mouse hit Rank 3 last night after a grueling slog of 24 games.  She has a firm appreciation of the meta at high Ranks now and she does not like what she sees.  For anyone that first ventures up into high ranks, you may be in for a bit of a culture shock to see what World of Warships devolves into...
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 12 months ago /#GetBoat:  Twice to Four
The weekend's over.  We've now got two weeks to finish out the season.  At the rate Mouse is going she might actually make it.  It's almost like she's deliberately pacing herself to draw out the time it's taking her to play in order to make this blog relevant.  But that would require a tremendous amount of forethought on her part of which she is utterly incapable.  Let's find out where she's sitting after a Saturday-Sunday romp.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 12 months ago /#GetBoats:  The Light
Could it be?  Could it almost be the end?  There's 16 days left in the Ranked Battle season -- very soon we can do an all too stressful countdown.  This means less than two weeks to finish off whatever your goals are for Season Four.  If it happen to be to #GetBoat, well, you better get a move on.  There's not much time left!
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 12 months ago under Arizona /Premium Ship Review:  Arizona
Here's what's been keeping Mouse from playing Ranked Battles as much as she has wanted to:  The USS Arizona.  It truly must be awful to have to take a break from the rigors of playing Ranked to have sit down and playtest new warships that the devs hand to her.  What a tough life!  At least she had the decency to jot down her thoughts on this newest super-Dreadnought.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago under Yubari /Premium Ship Review: Yubari
Mouse has been busy cranking out Premium Ship Reviews these last two weeks -- at least that's the excuse she has been giving to explain her lack of Ranked Battles progress.  This is the second vessel to get slipped under her microscope, the pre-order light cruiser Yubari.  There may be a lot of hype surrounding acquiring these limited release vessels, but as she'll caution you, just because they're rare, that doesn't make them good...
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago /#GetBoat: Rank 6
After almost 100 games, Mouse has finally hit Rank 6.  This is an important benchmark as it's the last hurdle before the big leagues at Rank 5.  We managed to make her stop grinding her teeth and muttering death-threats to talk a little about her experiences so far and her views towards finishing out the season.  She also has an announcement!
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago under Sims /Premium Ship Review: USS Sims
The Sims is a pretty sought after ship, what with it appearing to be the bees knees in Ranked Battles.  There's a lot of misconceptions regarding this vessel and what it can and cannot do.  Mouse sets the record straight with this detailed look at this pre-order premium that has once again returned to the stores after a year's hiatus.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago /#GetBoat: Frogloks
19 Days left til the end of the season and Mouse waxes poetic.  I could totally give you a sneak peak about what she's going to be talking about today, especially with a cryptic title like Frogloks.  But instead I'm going to be a dick about it and not tell you at all unless you chose to expand the article!  MUAHAHAHA!  Ranked Battles have irked me so much I'm now going to spread my frustration on you all! 
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago /#GetBoat: Twenty Days Left
Breaks are important.  Mouse took a break.  That's why there was no post yesterday.  But she's back at it again.  There are now twenty days remaining in this season of Ranked Battles.  Let's look at some of the horrifying math required to finish the season at this stage.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago /#GetBoat Patience Wins Games
Mouse should really practice what she preaches.  Deprived of her beloved Atago, she's had to play Destroyers and this has resulted in her getting her face blown off early on in many games where she knife fights over a cap.  She's come to the conclusion it may not be worth it...
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago /#GetBoat: Quitting while you're Ahead
When is a good time to stop playing?  If you have the luxury of having a generous amount of play time, is it worth quitting early if you find yourself having made significant process early on in your play session?  Today Mouse looks at that most difficult of questions -- how far do you dare push your luck?
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago /#GetBoat:  Pear Shaped
A picture is worth a thousand words.  And this is a good thing, because Mouse is super busy today with the release of patch 0.5.7.  Don't worry, the Patch (probably) won't affect Ranked Battle game play very much.  So instead of a long article filled with words, she has a wonderful picture which epitomizes her Ranked Battle experiences yesterday.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago /#GetBoat:  Net Gains
Ranked Battles is a classic MMORPG grind.  Instead of farming Mogu for Skyshards, you're farming wins -- lots and lots of wins.  And just to make things interesting (or awful), losses will set you back.  Mouse spent her day off neck deep in The Grind, enjoying victories and suffering defeats.  That this title of this article isn't "Got Boat" in the past tense, you can guess she's got a ways to go.  Today we look at the optimists way of keeping your sanity, looking at Net Gains.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago /#GetBoat: The Grind So Far
Weeks old, the fourth season of Ranked Battles has already seen a handful of people finish the season at Rank One.  Mouse's own climb has been decidedly lethargic thus far and not from a lack of success.  Today, we take a look at her progress thus far, what's holding her back and what we can expect over the coming week. 
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago /#GetBoat:  Detonations
There's been a lot of talk about Detonations in World of Warships, not all of it good.  As historically significant as detonations are to warships, there is a vocal group that advocates that this mechanic leaves too much to RNG and nothing to skill.  In a competitive system like Ranked Battles, the feeling is that Detonations can have potentially too much impact, dooming the team that suffers one of these unlucky events.  But why does it seem to be happening more often this season?
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago /#GetBoat:  Bad Apples and A-Holes
This season sees a new mechanic being added to Ranked Battles, and Mouse isn't too happy about it.  When you lose a match, normally you lose a star.  However, the player on the losing team that scores the highest amount of experience avoids this fate.  This opens the door to some rather unfortunate behaviour and tries to shove the letter "i" in TEAM.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago /#GetBoat: Unnecessary Risks, Part Two
We're back and our Ranked Battles team mates are still at it.  They're still dying when they shouldn't be, throwing their ships away for dubious reasons.  Mouse looks into the psychology of winning in Ranked Battles and how players work at cross purposes to their team mates.  What seems a needed sacrifice to win in one fashion is absolutely unnecessary in another and only works contrary to the surest way to win.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago /#GetBoat:  Unnecessary Risks, Part One
We've all seen it.  We've all suffered it.  We all lament it when it happens.  Your team is winning.  You've got the solid advantage on kills and cap points.  Yet somehow, it all goes pear shaped and you end up losing anyway because someone wants to be a hero.  Today, Mouse addresses the very basics of winning and how it relates to throwing a win away.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago /Deep Sea Tournament
Who doesn't like watching a good ol' East vs West grudge match?  Coming up on June 14th & 16th, a Showmatch between two EU clans and two of the leading teams from China go head to head.  Find out who's participating in this event, who's (likely) going to win and rejoice when you learn that the commentators are players that know the game and how to comment upon it!
Yep, this ain't going to be no exhibition match like at the WGLEU World Finals 2016, lemme tell you.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago /#GetBoat:  Time Management
Welcome to Mouse's Ranked Battle Blog!  It's been a bit of a rough ride to get started into this season's worth of gaming on the NA server.  But after that initial hiccough, I'm underway.  Today I look at something that's very important in regards to anyone thinking of participating in Ranked Battles:  Just how much time it's theoretically going to take to reach Rank One in a given season.

Be warned, the contents are full of discouraging realities.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago under Smith /Premium Ship Review: USS Smith
Imagine that instead of firing off your torpedoes in whole salvos, that you could aim and launch them one at a time.  Wouldn't that be neat?  Well, with the USS Smith, you can!  In fact, you don't have any choice in the matter cause her three torpedo tubes are all singles.  Mouse takes a look at what as to be one of the silliest of the premium vessels she's yet reviewed.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 13 months ago under Emden /Premium Ship Review: SMS Emden
The Emden has a story that's larger than life.  This is the ship that thumbed its nose at the British Empire, evaded almost everything the Royal Navy and Imperial Japanese Navy threw at it and made a score of victories across the Indian Ocean.  As a commerce raider, it seems rather ill suited on paper to make its way into World of Warships.  So how does this Premium Cruiser live up to its legend?
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 14 months ago under Indianapolis /Premium Ship Review: USS Indianapois
Finally!  The USS Indianapolis arrives to replace the USS Atlanta as the preferred mid-to-high tier trainer!  Be warned, though.  Just because this Portland-class cruiser isn't the Atlanta, that doesn't necessarily make her a must have for all USN-Captains.  Mouse takes a closer look at this new addition and puts her through her paces.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 14 months ago under Tirpitz /Premium Ship Review: Tirpitz
On the eve of 0.5.6, Mouse does a bit of house cleaning.  Here she revisits an old favourite -- the KMS Tirpitz which players will soon be able to purchase for 12,500 doubloons through the in game tech tree.  Find out what you need to know here about the coming Tirpocalypse.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 14 months ago under Molotov / Premium Ship Review: VMF Molotov
Another Soviet premium cruiser?  The Molotov joins the Soviet premium fleet composed of  the Diana, Aurora, Murmansk and Mikhail Kutuzov.  What can this ship offer that's not already found in one of these other ships?  The answer is guns.  Awesome, awesome guns. 
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 14 months ago under Ishizuchi /Premium Ship Review: Ishizuchi
The presence of Battlecruisers in World of Warships is represented by the likes of the stock Myogi, stock Kongo and stock Amagi -- but there is also a premium warship that rounds out the class:  The Ishizuchi.  Unlike her bretherin, she does not get the weaknesses of her class hidden behind modernization schemes and remains true to her roots.  How does this ship play, representing a class infamous for hard hitting guns, but a terrible glass jaw?
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 15 months ago under Mikasa /Premium Ship Review: Mikasa
Shoe horned in at tier 2, this pre-Dreadnought Battleship has an odd compliment of weaponry that makes her more of a sailing vessel than fighting vessel in World of Warships. Mouse takes you along as she examines the ship that prints Close Quarter Expert medals like no other.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 15 months ago /An Overview of Map Changes
Mouse takes a quick look at some of the map changes that occurred on the Trap and Atlantic maps, providing some before and after shots.  Be warned, mobile users, there's a lot of pictures inside.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 15 months ago under Atlanta /Premium Ship Review: USS Atlanta
Few premium ships polarize opinions on playability as does the USS Atlanta.  Conforming to the design ideals of a bygone era of World of Warships where premiums were intended to be odd-ships that didn't conform to tech-tree norms.  She survives, while others like the Kitakami, remain absent.  Mouse takes a look at one of her favourite ships in the game.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 15 months ago under Texas /Premium Ship Review: The USS Texas
The famous USS Texas joins World of Warships as a tier 5 premium Battleship.  The namesake of the Lone Star state looks like a solo-player's dream.  She's big, fat and loaded up with more guns and bluster than her namesake. 
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 15 months ago under Campbeltown /HMS Campbeltown Preview
Mouse is already a terrible driver, crashing into islands, friendly ships, enemy ships, islands and masses of land surrounded by water.  So when she was asked to test out the new HMS Campbeltown -- a ship renowned for just how well it crashed into the docks at St.Nazaire, you can imagine how well things went...
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 15 months ago under Saipan /Saipan Changes in 5.4.2
The Saipan is scheduled to go on sale on April 12th on the North American server.  On the eve before her release, Wargaming makes significant changes to how the Air Superiority load-out operates.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 15 months ago under Saipan /Premium Ship Review: USS Saipan
The USS Saipan makes a long awaited return to World of Warships.  This Closed-Beta beauty is back, bumped up a tier and weirded out as a tier 7 Premium ship.  Mouse takes a look at how she fares after a year long departure from the game and fan girls more than a little about its surprise load out.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 15 months ago under Diana /Premium Ship Review - IRN Diana
One of the perks of joining the ShipComrade crew was that Mouse was handed access to the Diana -- a rare tier 2 Pallada-class cruiser (the sister ship of the Aurora).  What's the deal with this vessel?  Why is it a tier lower than the Aurora if they're the same class?  Mouse digs in to have a look at her shiny present.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 16 months ago under Mikhail Kutuzov /Premium Ship Review: VMF Mikhail Kutuzov
The game has changed since the Mikhail Kutuzov was first introduced in January of 2016.  Her gunnery stats were overhauled to accommodate the changes to the Captain Skills back in 0.5.3 while other ships weren't so lucky  How this premium ship compare not only to her old contemporaries, but the new Soviet Cruisers as well?
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 16 months ago under Kirov /Tier 5 Soviet Kirov-class Cruiser Preview
Someone thought it would be a good idea to give Mouse a chance to drive the new Soviet cruisers before release.  She put the ships through their paces (and crashed them into a lot of islands).  Are these new ships overpowered?  Forged in Stalinium?  Is Russian-bias alive and well in World of Warships?  Here's what she thought of the tier 5 Kirov-class cruiser.