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Published by Lert 8 months ago /A Detailed Look At: van Kinsbergen sloop
A very storied Dutch ship, uncelebrated and unceremoniously broken up in the 1970s, despite having a claim to the title of 'most successful Dutch surface ship of the second world war'. Just what kind of ship could claim such a title, and with what kind of history behind it?
Read and find out ...
Published by Lert 8 months ago /Dutch Rapana class carriers
A carrier which isn't, driven by a nation that didn't build it, a ship which doesn't fit into the game. Why discuss it at all?
Because quirky ships are cool. That's why.
Published by Lert 9 months ago /A Detailed Look At: Friesland Class Destroyer
What's that? A post-war, 1950's era destroyer? In my world of Warships?!
It's more viable than you think.
click to find out more!
Published by Lert 12 months ago
/A Detailed Look At: G and H class British destroyers
A class of British destroyers from the 1930s. 24 of these stalward warhorses were built, 2 of which were slightly larger destroyer leaders and 2 of which were used as test beds for experimental weaponry.
This class has a very high chance of showing up in the game eventually, but what will they be like?
Published by Lert 14 months ago /A detailed look at: De Grasse AA cruiser
This post-war French cruiser is the Atlanta's spiritual successor. Boasting superior tonnage, speed and armament, would she function in World of Warships? And where would she be tiered were she to be introduced?
Read and find out.
Published by Lert 14 months ago /A Detailed Look At: Admiralen class destroyers
Admiralen were a small but very interesting late 1920s era Dutch destroyer, based on a British design.
There is no doubt that this ship would fit nicely within World of Warships, but at what tier? And with what specifications? Read on and be informed. Who knows, when we get to the gimmicks segment you might even be amazed.
Published by Lert 15 months ago /ShipComrade needs your help!
A more serious subject now. Our fearless leader is going through a serious family issue right now. His step-father, elderly and needing medical care, is facing homelessness after he was scammed out of his house and all his possessions.
Here is what happened, and how you can help.d
Published by Lert 16 months ago /A Detailed Look At: Roofdier class destroyers
At the start of the 20th centuty the Dutch navy operated a class of eight small, turbine driven destroyers, though an argument could be made they were torpedo boats instead. These ships, bridging the gap between small torpedo-armed attack boats and the ships originally designed to counter them, is the subject of today's article.
Without further ado, let's see how and if the Roofdier class destroyers would fit into the game.
Published by Lert 16 months ago /A Detailed Look At: De Zeven Provincien (1909)
A ship of the early 20th century, of a class not in this game. Slow, only two main guns and a very schizophrenic design. Is it a cruiser? Is it a battleship?
Let's see how De Zeven Provincien (1909) fits into the game, if it does at all.
Published by Lert 16 months ago /A Detailed Look At: Dutch 1913 Battleship Proposal
In the early 1910s it was decided by the Dutch admiralty that there was a need for the Dutch navy to step up and take their rightful place in history. To this end, a proper Battleship, rivaling anything the major navies had afloat, was needed. As such, a design requirement was sent to various ship builders across Europe.
This article briefly discusses various designed from Armstrong and Vickers, then goes into more detail about the design that in my opinion was most viable, the Germania Werft entwurf 803.
Published by Lert 16 months ago /Battlecruiser Wednesday: Project 1047
In which I guest write for Fr05ty's Battlecruiser Wednesday series of articles, writing about the Dutch '1047' Project.
In the latter half of the 1930s, the Dutch navy was looking for a new ship to counter the Japanese heavy cruisers of he Myoukou and Takao classes. Then the Germans launched Scharnhorst, and the Dutch went 'Hey, we like the look of that.'
Published by Lert 17 months ago /A Detailed Look At: HMS Roberts
A unique and oddball ship that stands very little chance of ever making it into the game. This ship is a shallow-draft coastal defense vessel, and the result of someone asking the question 'What would happen if we put these battleship caliber cannons on a hull the size of a destroyer'.
How would this ship work in World of Warships?
Published by Lert 17 months ago /A Detailed Look At: De Zeven Provincien (1953)
A post-war light cruiser of Dutch design and manufacture, based on pre-war designs. She features a respectable AA complement.
How would this ship work in World of Warships? 
Published by Lert 17 months ago /A Detailed Look At: HMS Agincourt
 Agincourt is an early British dreadnought sporting some amazing firepower, something she pays for with squishy armor.
 How would this ship work in World of Warships?
Published by Lert 17 months ago A new writer for ShipComrade!
In which I write my introduction and tell a little bit about who I am, and what I will be writing about on Shipcomrade.
My name is Lert, a former WoT community contributor on the NA forum and current local grumpy ship reviewer on World of Warships NA forum.