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Published by IEarlGrey 5 weeks ago /Let's Battle! | What's Up With Warships?
I ask for your views on ranked and highlight some upcoming events and tournaments for you guys to enjoy and get stuck into.
Published by IEarlGrey 7 weeks ago under Mutsu /Mutsu Tier VI Premium BB preview
With a generous compliment of secondaries to go with a torpedo armament, will the Mutsu be a ship to Fear or Forego?
Published by IEarlGrey 7 weeks ago /USN Cruiser & Radar Buffs?! - PTS 0.6.1 Changes | What's Up With Warships?
I run through the many changes announced in the PTS 0.6.1 update including Radar, RN Smoke and Flooding Damage.
Published by IEarlGrey 2 months ago /Ranked Season 6! | What's Up With Warships?
With the announcement that Ranked Season 6 is on the Horizon, I run through some of the top picks that come to mind for a Tier VII Season of Ranked. Throw in the appearance of another Tier 7 Premium in the NA premium shop, prepare to open your wallet!
Published by IEarlGrey 2 months ago /Leaked Soviet Destroyer Stats, New Premiums & BEWBS | What's Up With Warships?
Leaked Soviet DD Stats for Podvoisky, Minsk, Grozovoi as well as a new Premium Soviet DD, another EU mission disaster narrowly avoided, and [BEWBS in World Of Warships!
Published by IEarlGrey 2 months ago /The RDF 'Exodus' | What's Up With Warships?
In this video I look at some of the ranging opinions from players as well as the statements released by WarGaming in response to the threats of many that they will stop playing the game whilst this RDF skill remains implemented.
Published by IEarlGrey 2 months ago /Patch 0.6.0 + Soviet DD Split | What's Up With Warships?
We take a look at the announced features and changes in Patch 0.6.0 and the upcoming change to the Russian Destroyer Line split.