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Patch 0.6.0 + Soviet DD Split | What'.. 6 hrs ago
We take a look at the announced features and changes in Patch 0.6.0 and the upcoming change to the Russian Destroyer Line split.
The Warships Podcast Episode 21: 0.6... 2 days ago
A Detailed Look At: G and H class Bri.. 3 days ago
A Detailed Look At: G and H class British destroyers
Project Wrecked: Episode 24 6 days ago
This week we have badass Atlantas, battleships hunting destroyers and lots of torpedos.
The Warships Podcast Episode 20: An I.. 10 days ago
Premium Ship Review Kamikaze 11 days ago
Mouse reviews the tier 5 IJN Premium Destroyer, Kamikaze.
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Russian Cruiser Tech Tree 13 mo ago
Imperator Nikolai I, Premium Tier IV B.. 15 mo ago
New Russian Destroyers - What we now k.. 16 mo ago
Projekt 83 Heavy Cruiser (ex-Lützow) 18 mo ago
Gremyashchy premium Tier V destroyer 18 mo ago
READ FIRST: Your Russian Tree FAQ! 19 mo ago
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