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Changes Coming This Year4/25/2016 10:29:50 AM
Published By: Aetam

Changes Coming This Year 

When reading the official forums I stumbled upon something interesting. It is a translation and a summary of a video by getfun, who visited and talked to the developers. I will not simply copy and paste everything, so please read the original post. However there are some nice things coming this year.

“Changes planned this year include gaining experience and money for support actions such as holding cap points (not de-capping but holding) and spotting enemy ships. This would require rebalancing the amount experience and money gained for capping and de-capping"


Teamwork can be very powerful in World of Warships and it should be rewarded. Currently there are no benefits for spotting an enemy (well other than probably a higher chance of winning). With rewards you can encourage players to fulfill the roles of their ships and reward good plays. Hopefully they will also make killing planes more rewarding. Providing air cover can be very important, yet the game does not reward it properly.

There are also improvements coming for the horrible loading times, an armor viewer in the port, which will hopefully provide us with detailed information where to shoot, and of course weather (which is already on the public test). There are a lot of cool things coming and I think we have a great year ahead of us.