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Project Wrecked: Episode 4812/13/2017 1:23:17 PM
Published By: Aetam

Hello Everyone

I decided that in the spirit of christmas I will give away three Scharnhorsts. Since I am paying for them myself NA, EU and Asia can all participate. Why Scharnhorsts? She is available in all premium stores and she is a great ship.

So how can you participate? In my newest Project Wrecked video there is a silly Fletcher who is stacking santa hats. Go to the video and write comment answering the question: what is the maximum amount of santa hats the Fletcher wears at the same time? Also include your server and name in the game.

So for me it would look like:

Hats: x

Name: Aetam

Server: EU

You can enter until 24:00 CET on the 17.12.2017. I will announce the winners on the 20.12.2017.


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