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The Warships Podcast Episode 43: Enterprise AP Bombs, Server Clash II, Aerrooooooooooooon, and Ranked Season 76/16/2017 2:01:07 PM
Published By: Kelorn
Hi listeners! Its almost time for another Ranked Season, and that mean Aerroon! We have special guest Aerroon back on the show to talk about several topics including Ranked. Kelorn catches up with our guest to see what hes been up to lately. Working on his YouTube Channel and now getting back into streaming more. Aerroon has been busy. After the follow up, KamiSamurai fills us in on the up coming Server Clash event. That will pit top tier competitive clans from EU and NA against each other. Should be very exciting and looking forward to this. Kami and Mejash will be helping to commentate for this event. So be sure to check it out!

Moving on we bring up the topic of the USS Enterprise. An incredibly historical ship that many of us are looking forward too and the cast has been testing. We have been critical of this ship and really hope that Wargaming can find a solution to help make her more competitive. One of those options so far has been to switch up the Enterprise's Dive Bombers, to utilize armor piercing bombs instead of the standard incendiary high explosive bombs we have been accustom to. AP bombs were a thing in the early stages of Alpha development for the game but were deemed to over powered at the time. Now we are seeing a return of this option and may see this on other USN Carriers too. So far in our limited testing, these new bombs have shown some increased damage but is very RNG in nature and has been one of our biggest complaints. In addition to the tiering issues that plague this ship. Tier 7 aircraft suffer too much at Tier 10 levels of AA. Please remember this ship and options are all subject to change and is still being tested.
Getting to the heart of our show, we break down the next Ranked Season. Now confirmed to be Tier 6, we go class by class bringing up each show members ship picks per type. We start with the destroyer class, and go over some expected options but feel that this category could be very open to user choice and picks. Moving to cruiser we talk about the viability of cruisers this time around and with the lack of radar at this tier. What will this mean for the meta game play for this Ranked Season? We passionately discuss several cruiser option and bring up the topic of smoke. Proceeding to Battleships, we talk about the multitude of options for this tier and go in depth as to what we feel are going to be the viable and strong candidates for our listeners. We finish out with Carriers and talk about the struggles of Independence and all of us on the cast agreed that we feel this ship is just not viable for a competitive ranked match.

Thank you everyone for listening and see you next time!!!
Written by Vanessaira
Check out Kami and Mejash on Twitch for Server Clash II

For an EU Perspective, Flamuu and Izolate will be streaming on twitch at the same time!

To check out the Penetration curves mentioned in the episode, look here! 
Also, please accept my apologies for not posting Episode 42 on Shipcomrade. You can listen to the episode here:
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