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The Warships Podcast Episode 34: ClydethaMonkey, PTS Patch 0.6.4, and in-depth Tier x Tier French Cruisers4/14/2017 9:11:30 AM
Published By: Kelorn
Episode 34 Clydethamonkey PTS Patch 0.6.4 & In Depth Tier by Tier French Cruisers

Hi listeners! In this weeks episode of the podcast we have special guest, Clydethamonkey. Who introduces how and why he got into streaming and playing World of Warships. Kelorn asks Clyde about World of Warship popularity in Norway and an interesting bit about the Tirpitz is brought up.

We get into show topics with 0.6.4 PTS patch notes. Talking about some of the new features that are coming soon with the new Norfolk Dry Dock Port that will replace the old premium port. The current Hawaii Premium Port will now be going into the standard port selection options. Some map changes are coming though we are unsure as to what extent the changes will be, as we reminisce about some of the maps of old before the major changes. The improvements to the USS New Orleans detection as well as the enhancements other ships are getting. These include ships such as the IJN Destroyer line with regard to their turret rotation speed, as well as the rotation buff for the 155mm turrets on the Mogami. Is this a possible return for the Terror of Tier 8??? We talk about the enhancements to the game's user interface by discussing Cyclone Vision and the assistance that it will have to help players.

The show talks about the new High School Fleet ships. What these ships might bring to the community and the differences between High School Fleet and the previous ARP ships. The new Clash of Elements event is brought up, and we discuss the event as well as the Kamikaze R.

Breaking into our new Community Contributor Content, we discuss the new French Cruiser line. Going tier by tier we give our opinions for each ship. What they play like, how we feel about them, and what the expectations player should have going into this line. We have to advise though, that all these ships discussed are a work in progress and are subject to change while we are testing them. It is very likely that these ships may change before being released on the live servers.

The Warships Podcast would like to thank you the listener for supporting our show. It is you who made it possible to continue representing all of you, and now Wargaming in a official capacity. This is a privilege, honour, and a wonderful opportunity to promote World of Warships. For this we are extremely grateful. Thank you
Written by Vanessaira
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