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The Warships Podcast Episode 33: Wargaming EU gives a window into Content Creation!4/6/2017 6:37:21 PM
Published By: Kelorn
Wargaming European Union team members openings up the podcast with Mr Conway and Karsun telling their position with WG and what their jobs are. Karsun is executive producer. Mr Conway is the Community Contributor lead for the English speaking community. The help run and organize the forums, work with community, the website, etc. Both go over their backgrounds on how they got into Wargaming.

We ask questions and get into asking how EU gets into community events and missions. They talk about their time frame of how continuous missions and events work but also how quickly they can respond to issues that come up. Both explain the missions that they come up with and the liberties they have with designing and coming up with these events, missions and/or campaigns.

Mr Conway explains the difficulty of having so many languages in the EU and how the translations are being done. They go over how one small community within the EU can be vastly different from another and the difficulty this brings up. They go over the marketing aspect and how the EU goes about doing their ship, flag, bundling, and other marketing options. These options are set up in a way to reflect the diversity of the EU region. The EU Wargaming members talk about the excitement for the many various EU nations ships and ship lines hitting the market this year. Kelorn ask a great question which leads into an amazing insight into how Wargaming finds information for ships that form the tech tree or premiums from various nations in the game.

We talk about the game changes with patch 6.3. The removal of stealth fire and how the game is doing since its removal. Players are still playing destroyers or ships that people felt were stealth dependent are still playable. For some players though their playing experience has changed slightly. The cast brings up the new content talking about a Work in Progress version of the Duca d'Aosta as well as the new French Cruiser line. Talks about improvements to those ships, but also that they are still a work in progress and things can very much change with them.

The EU Wargaming team also brings up some cool new things coming out with regard to patch 6.4. The new Dry Dock port is simply amazing, and many ships have been tuned to help with their quality of life. There are so really exciting things to come. Stay tuned to the Wargaming News Portal.

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Written by Vanessaira 
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