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The Warships Podcast Episode 31: Notser beaches himself on the Podcast to discuss Kaga, T9 Ranked, and the end of Stealt3/23/2017 3:40:12 PM
Published By: Kelorn
Episode 31 Warships Life is a Beach Notser!

Hey everyone! Look who just beached himself on the show. None other then Notser! Punniness aside, Kelorn and Notser get into introductions talking about Notser's Youtube chan and contribution to the Warships community from the days of Alpha/CBT. We joke a bit and talk about Youtube and the amount of work going into doing online content.

We break into show topics discussing several new items including the recent changes to USN high tier battleships and in particular the USS Alabama. The recent changes to the citadel hit box to be under the water line headlines the debate, and we talk about the effects this will have on the game.

One of the other interesting topics that was discussed was the new IJN Tier 7 Carrier Kaga. We talked about what we knew so far and speculated a bit as to what the flight group sizes might be based on images released so far. Talked about the 90 plane reserve that is as of the airing of this show as well as the potential for secondary silliness on a CV?!?

We talk about the massive changes coming with 6.3 to concealment and open water firing, aka stealth firing. We debate the changes, the effects, and what might happen but are taking an overall wait and see approach. We mention the the range buffs to many ships being added with this patch. US battleships like USS Colorado is seeing a pretty massive range buff and capability to reach out to other ships will definitely be a help to those ships in terms of at least being able to do something when completely out ranged. The topic of destroyers concealment and stealth firing was brought up and the terms of game play changes that we might see with regard to the new changes.

We round out the show with a 'what if' Tier 9 ranked season, and what potentials it might have for some good balanced competitive play. Discussing the ships in general, but then breaking down battleships, carriers, cruisers, and destroyers. We feel this tier could have a potential for good ranked play. Noting some ships like Fletcher, Izumo, Baltimore, and Neptune.

We want to thank everyone who submitted questions recently for the show. Regretfully we were not able to get them in on this show, but are being saved for a future podcast. Thank you!
Written by Vanessaira

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