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The Warships Podcast Episode 29: Keviseeb comes by to talk Ranking out and the sneak peek at French Cruisers3/10/2017 6:20:07 PM
Published By: Kelorn
Our show starts off with the introductions of our special guest Keviseeb by Kami Samurai. Keviseeb talks and answers questions about his life and background as a streamer. He talks about how he got into twitch streaming as well as showcasing Wargaming. He touts himself as being the oldest streamer showcasing World of Warships.

We move into Warships topics discussing the new French Cruiser line. We speculate a bit on some of the ships and talk about the flavours they might bring. Kelorn and Kami look forward to the new ships were as Vanessaira is looking forward to a different flavour. The Italians, grinning We talk about Duca D'Aosta and discuss the possible differences between the two newer countries that we will be seeing. We all agree though that the increased diversity in the game is a good thing, as more ships equals more possibilities.

The podcast covers this current Ranked Season, Season 6 and talks about the differences and expectations that we held before the start of the season and after reaching Rank 1. The ships we thought were going to be strong were talked about and analyzed, as well as how the meta of ranked play effected those ships. The topic of the Sims is brought up, where we discuss the possible invisible XP bonus. Vanessaira defends the virtues of the ship and the support style of game play that the Sims offers and how it suites Ranked play perfectly for its qualities and systems it brings.

We round out the show discussing the recent interview Victor Kisli (Wargaming's CEO) did with media website Polygon. The show talks about Wargamings health and the view and moves Victor is doing that we believe is good for the game.

Thank you all for listening. Next week will have special guest: Trevzor and Qckslvr!
Written by Vanessaira
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