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The Warships Podcast Episode 28: The Mighty Jingles and Patch 0.6.23/3/2017 4:31:33 PM
Published By: Kelorn

Warships Podcast Episode Summary & Discussion Thread ~ Episode 28: The Mighty Jingles

With Episode 28 of the Warships Podcast, our special guest for the show is none other then the Mighty Jingles. Kelorn and Jingles get into introductions and they mingle about how Jingles got into Wargaming and his transition from UK's Royal Navy to doing Youtube. Jingles mightily talks about his start as an EU and now overall Wargaming contributor and what his experiences have been with Wargaming and Youtube. Kelorn asks Jingles what his day in a life is now that he has retired and is out of the Navy and Jingles illustrates a very busy picture with regard to his channel and content.

We move on to Warships topics with Jingles talking about the new patch coming out. Breaking down the patch items we discuss some of the more minor features such as the change with the mini map, new map stages to fight on and improvements to the damage control logic. We discuss the new Russian Destroyers coming out and how the changes to these ships might affect game play. Kami and Jingles talk about the added hull heal consumable for ships like Khabarovsk and whether it might be a good option compared to smoke.

We talk about the some of the other changes including updates for USS New Mexico and USS Colorado' hulls in the tech tree. Big changes to their perspective Anti Air capabilities as well as changes to ships like the USS Indianapolis' rate of fire, as well as a change to Anshan's alpha damage. We mingle about the USS Black and changes to the radar ability it is getting. The ship leads a lengthy discussion on an already powerful class of destroyer (the Fletcher class) and its new capabilities as well as comparisons to contemporaries in that tier and field. Vanessaira mention correlations with the German Z52 and similar support play styles. The potential rarity of the USS Black is discuss and comparisons to are made to the first rare ship, the Kitakami (a surprised gift from Season 1 of Ranked)

We further mingle about the podcast on the talk of Royal Navy Battleships, Battlecruisers and potential ships we might be seeing soon. Kelorn goes into the gun caliber challenges that Wargaming will surely be dealing with in the tech tree line. This will no doubt prove difficult for the tiering and balance of this branch.

The podcast finishes with questions from our backers. Jingles mingles about them in his usual fashion as we all get to enjoy the wonderful questions and answers that ensue. The questions are as follows:

Gamer No Mates: In what different ways does he enjoy the games? Anything he wants to see come over from tanks game feature wise? Oh and most anticipated ship or ship line?

Andy Rucker: Which museum ship that you haven't visited yet do you want to see most?
Reddit Questions:

Little White Mouse: Jingles, one of my favourite parts of your reviews on ships are precisely the things I don't cover: History. What resources do you use for your story-time segments for the history of various vessels?

Lobstercan/Qudditich3: What do you think reasonable prices would be for possible Premium ships KGV and Hood?

ShuggieHamster/StevethePurpleCat/Phaedryn/others: would like to know about your navy days, stories from then, what ships you served on, and what positions you held.

Defengar: Do you find that any of the naval knowledge you gained while in the Navy IRL has helped when playing WoWS? Also how excited were you when WoWS was announced?

Das_Colonel87: what's your alcohol of choice? (beer/spirits etc.)

Judeas: If you could, would you buy a version of the ship you sailed on in WoWs?

Most importantly Thank You to all our listeners and backers!
Written by Vanessaira
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