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The Warships Podcast Episode 27: RIP Poshybird and NoZoupForYou gives us the lowdown on his trip to WGNA Headquarters2/24/2017 10:37:05 AM
Published By: Kelorn
Warships Podcast Episode Summary & Discussion Thread ~ Episode 27: RIP Poshybird and NoZoupForYou gives us the lowdown on his trip to WGNA Headquarters

Hi everyone! For this weeks episode of the podcast we have No Zoup on to discuss his recent visit to Wargaming as well as the current Ranked Season. We start off with a moment of silence for PoShYbRiD, a gaming member who tragically died during a 24 hours charity stream recently. Zoup remembers him and gives sound advice on the passions we all love.

Kelorn and Zoup get started with show topics discussing their shared experiences on meeting Wargaming employees and their offices. Zoup segways into the recent videos he did with them as well as some new stuff coming out. Zoup mentions some behind the scenes operations and the scale and pace at which issues are resolved, numbers gathered, and information being processed is something the community just does not see. Zoup and Kelorn talk about trying to be good community representatives that truly bring the player bases opinions and actions to the forefront for Wargaming to see. Zoup mentions just how much Wargaming watches and they do look and see what the community is saying.

We break into this seasons Ranked discussion talking about what ships we feel are doing well and what our overall impressions are about current Ranked Meta. Zoup discusses the Belfast at length and Kelorn talks about his game play in the Gneisenau and how he uses it to get the most success for Battleship play. We talk about the Scharnhorst, and while Zoup loves it though some times he feels dirty having to play the ship a certain way, but it fits his overall play style. Vanessaira finds that the Sims suits her 'support style' of game play and have moved away form battleships.

We continue the Ranked discussion talking about the usability of many ships and going over the break down between most popular and best performing ships of the NA and EU servers. We talk about the differences for ships with regard to popularity and performance, and how ships like the Sims is used to great success on the NA server but rarely used on the EU. EU's use of Scharnhorst and Gneisenau compared to NA and the Belfast seeing parity on both. We go over Tech Tree (Free) ships verse the Premium (Paid) ships and how we feel the Meta is balancing out. Zoup, Kelorn, and Vanessaira talk about the difficulty of Ranked and Zoup would like to see separate leagues, ie like Bronze, Silver, and Gold league for players who do not always have the time dedicated to finish a Ranked Season.

Kelorn and Zoup talk about the Community Contributor Event and how much fun it was as well as hinting at future events hopefully coming soon. We finish out the show with questions from listeners and backers. Special thank you to: Gamer_No_M8s, Donald Hallama, Dayaks, and Andy Rucker. 
Written by Vanessaira 
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