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The Warships Podcast Episode 25: A wild Pointy Haired Jedi has appeared! Patch 0.6.1 and How to Smoke2/13/2017 9:42:35 AM
Published By: Kelorn
In this weeks episode, we have special guest Pointy Haired Jedi joining us in the podcast! Pointy and Kelorn start off talking about Pointy's YouTube channel as well as joking around about internet speeds and the joys of living in rural areas and limited internet. They share the experience of trying to run a YouTube or the joys of doing video editing, and KamiSamuri joins in about his recent foray into running a YouTube channel himself.

Getting into show topics we start with the USS Black and Ranked Season 6. We get Pointy's ideas about this upcoming Ranked Season as well as talk about our expectations for another Tier 7 Ranked Season. We bring up the rarity of USS Flint and talk about USS Black, a Tier 9 Fletcher class destroyer. Discussion revolves around the effectiveness of the Black and Fletcher class in general and it's addition of the radar consumable to the destroyer.

Segwaying into the topic of super containers, added rare modules and flag container changes. Kelorn and Pointy wonder if such new rare modules like the radar duration module for say the USS Black would be optimal giving it takes the concealment expert slot. Vanesaira however disagrees by promoting the virtues of the Fletcher class's already good concealment and all around effectiveness and the comparison in game play to the new high tier German Destroyers. We also talk about the new visual effects for ships fading out as well as talking about the new Inventory (Depot) that allows players to sell old hull module, flags, camo, etc.

Changes to the Khabarovsk getting a Hull Heal ability instead of Smoke, draws into a discussion about the superiority of the ship even after several nerfs. Kami talks fondly about Khabarovsk being one of his favorite ships and gives advice how to play the ship effectively and welcomes the new changes. Vanessaira states that the changes will be like the Hull Heal addition was to the Atago and will cause the ship to really be able to survive to the end of matches much better when played correctly. Kelorn and Pointy discuss whether at this point in the game, if destroyers like Khabarovsk which are really Light Cruisers / Destroyers Leaders. Should have citadels.

We briefly mention the possible upcoming changes to USS Iowa and USS Montana that may happen in a near future patch. However we end the podcast by discussing a question brought up from listener Cubist, with regard to best practices for using the Smoke ability. How to use Smoke, when to use it, how not to waste it, and overall best game play style and awareness when playing World of Warships

Next weeks episode will have special guest from Wargaming Trevzor and the Chieftan. 
Written by Vanessaira
Check out Pointy Haired Jedi on Youtube! 
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