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The Warships Podcast Episode 24: Aetam, USN Cruiser changes, PTS, and How to Battleship!2/3/2017 6:19:33 PM
Published By: Kelorn

Special Guest Aetam a World of Warships Community Contributor, joins the podcast from the “Project Wrecked” to help talk about the various topics for today's show. Kelorn and Aetam start our discussion about the German/Austrian speaking part of the Warships Community and their presences on the EU servers. We also thank our largest listener group outside of the US, Germany. Thank you! 

“Project Wrecked” run by Aetam is a youtube video montage series that can also be found on Shipcomrade. We also talked about “Fight Night” and its startup next Tuesday. Really excited about this and cannot wait for people to see this new competitive series.

We discussed the proposed changes that are being tested and worked on the Test Server currently for USN Cruisers. Aetam discusses everyones favorite punching bag, Pensacola and the potential changes with its concealment. Kami weighs in on the Baltimore and its potential to really become a competitive ship. Vanessa talked about the potentials for the New Orleans and how it might help with regard to its proposed new rate of fire as well as speculate about what this could mean for a future line split that has often been hinted at by Wargaming. Kami, Kelorn, and Aetam also talked about the improved rate of fire buff being tested for Des Moines, and what constitutes balance and / or over poweredness with regard to the masses vs elite players.

We touched on the new modules being tested. Including the new radar module and how it might change or alter different ships. Could modules like these really bring new flavor and a degree of unknown to the game? We discussed this and what ships might really benefit. We discussed in length the undocumented change to Yamato's second turret being unable to fire at a certain depression from any angle now and how this would effect the battleship's game play at high tiers.

Kelorn would also like to remind everyone to go out and test, and give feedback to any and all changes to make World of Warships a better game.

The show also talked about the new flooding changes and its baring on the game play. Vanessa talked about the importance of having a mindset to always be prepared for torpedoes, while Aetam states that ones game play needs to be more and more careful. Kami notes that a player should not repair one fire and be cautious when using your Damage Control ability for minor damage.

We briefly touch on quality of life improvements like the changes to smoke where Royal Navy Cruisers could finally get their last “puff” of smoke to deploy and perhaps really save them when in a pinch and maybe. Make them even more overpowered in some instances?

For the last part of the show, Vanessa moderated a discussion on Battleship game play and what constitutes good Battleship play and poor play. What is too aggressive and what is sniping, and how might one in a battleship lead the team to victory.

We want to thank everyone for listening to the show as well as participating to help give us topics and material for show discussion.
Written by Vanessaira 
Check out Aetam on Youtube and here on ShipComrade!

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