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The Warships Podcast Episode 23: Patreon and Aerroon talks Tier 7 Ranked Ships!1/26/2017 6:48:51 PM
Published By: Kelorn
Hi everyone, this is another element to the show that we are adding to give a brief summary and chance to discuss the topics we talked about per episodic cast.


Special Guest Aerroon joined us in this episode and we talked primarily about the next Ranked Season and gave our thoughts about which ships we think will be strong, poor, and expanded upon certain captain skills for Ranked. We also began the show talking about personal experiences meeting with Developers and other Wargaming Personnel and our shared passion for the game and community.

Kelorns gets us into Ranked discussion with a breakdown of all the new ships that have been added to the game since the last Tier 7 Ranked Season. However we begin our group discussion with possible options for Tier 6 (Which we feel will be the starting Tier for Ranked) Kami and Aerroon talked about Fuso, while Vanessaira gave a surprising mention for the Perth.

Moving into the heart of the new Ranked Season we started with Tier 7 Destroyers, and among the candidates discussed Shiratsuyu, Lennongrad, Blyskawica, Sims, Leberecht Maass, and Mahan. We talked about the Destroyers ability to defend itself and the likelihood of seeing a repeat of the last Tier 7 Ranked Season. Changes to the Meta with regard to Epicenter game mode and how that will impact Destroyers on the match.

On the subject of Cruisers we discussed all the new entrants and how smoke/radar/sonar will play out giving the proliferation of these abilities. What will this mean for Epicenter matches and team play, as we discussed the pros and cons of Cruiser life. Should cruisers bring defensive fire, and should they have skills like RPF, and IFHE (HEAP). Cruisers which we discussed were Belfast, Flint, Atlanta, Fiji, Shchors, Indianapolis, Myoko, and the Pensacola... < . <

Touching briefly on Carriers, we talked about Saipan and Hiryu. What loads you might see and with the changes to captain skills. How Air Supremacy might be a common thing seen in this coming Ranked Season.

With regard to Battleships we debated the Pros and Cons of the old Tier 7 Battleships (Colorado & Nagato) compared to the new apparent Meta shift towards aggressive and more forgiving Battleship play with German Battleships. How much of an impact will the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau have on Meta going forward this Ranked Season, and our hopes for a better Ranked Season, then our last go around.

Rounding out our show we gave some parting advice and wisdom for players going in. We talk about how every ship, every player is important to the team. Furthermore we strongly feel that Detonation Flags, Camo, Flags, and Premium consumables are a MUST! Aerroon imparts his ideal team member game play style and advice for players going into this season, as well as our picks for what we feel is our best ships going into Ranked:

Kelorn: Scharnhorst w/ Blyskawica as a backup
Kami: Belfast w/ Scharnhorst as a backup
Aerroon: Shiratsuyu w/ Gneisenau as a backup
Vanessaira: Scharnhorst w/ Gneisenau as backup

Thank you for listening / participating! We look forward to your comments and continued discussion.
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