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The RDF 'Exodus' | What's Up With Warships?1/18/2017 1:48:06 PM
Published By: IEarlGrey

 The RDF 'Exodus'


Where do you stand? With Patch 0.6.0 WarGaming press ahead with the introduction of the highly controversial RDF skill despite the vocal and concerted appeals from the playerbase that they delay it for further adjustment and testing.

In this video I look at some of the ranging opinions from players as well as the statements released by WarGaming in response to the threats of many that they will stop playing the game whilst this RDF or RPF skill remains implemented. But what alternatives are there? Where will these players go for their ‘fix of Warships’? Is it a ‘wallhack’ or crutch skill as many are claiming, or do you think it’s something the game has been lacking?

Let me know in the comments below!
WarGaming website statement on RDF and Skill discounts etc:
Waxx25's 'The RPF  Whine" Forum thread:
RevTKS comment for RDF:

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