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The Warships Podcast Episode 19: WoWS Wiki Crew and WGNA Trevzor bring presents for the Holidays!12/23/2016 8:27:59 PM
Published By: Kelorn
 WoWS Wiki Editors Lord Zath and Searaptor come by the same day as WGNA Community Contributor Trevzor for the holidays! Curious about the wiki and how it gets made? Come by for a listen! Not to mention the Holiday events and the Graf Spee! We finish off with a recap of 2016 and a look forward to 2017!
What is the Warships Podcast?
Kelorn and KamiSamurai have partnered to create a weekly Podcast discussing current events in World of Warships, ship advice, listener Q&A, and interviews with members of the Warships community. Kami and I are members of the OverPowered Gaming (OP Gaming) Community and we both enjoy playing the game at a high level of skill with our friends and clanmates.
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There are a variety of ways to listen to the podcast, the easiest of which is to use the embedded web-browser on our website. Alternatively, you can listen to the Podcast through a variety of podcast applications. We're always happy to submit to a new location by listener request.
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