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Torpedoes for the Troops Charity Event10/28/2016 11:35:57 AM
Published By: Critter8
Operation Supply Drop’s mission is to impact today’s veterans all around the globe and to “Make fun where there is none” by supplying video game care packages to US and Allied troops deployed around the world!
Since 2010, Operation Supply Drop has served over 300 Active Duty units around the globe, impacting over 100,000 service members and their families with over 1 million donated video games.
At the community level, also known as “The Teams” program, which is focused on building local groups of active-duty military, Veterans and civilian supporters to promote selfless service inside of their local community. In 2016, members of The Teams (which spans over 40 cities across the world) have volunteered in excess of 3000 hours of their time to support Veterans inside of their local communities.
By year end, Operation Supply Drop community efforts will have assisted with over 2500 homeless being fed, countless volunteering events and the notorious Mandatory Fun events where the team comes together as a collective group. By December, OSD is expected to surpass 4,750 total hours of volunteering around the globe. If everything above is not impactful enough, OSD just recently launched their Respawn Program which is devoted to using the power of gaming to heal disabled active-duty and Veterans. OSD through developers and the generosity of donors is working to create training and provide equipment to occupational therapist to help with various types of injuries that occur during military service such as physical and mental conditions.
94% of all donations go directly to the Vets/Active duty and their families.
TorpedoesforTroops Event – 28/29 October
All times Pacific
  • 12pm – 3pm -Femennenly
  • 3pm-6pm - Meadowhawk & Friends
  • 6pm-12am - Trobsmonkey & Friends
  • 12am-9am -Team Great Britain consisting of SirPete1UK, Angry_Scot_Tv, StarShield, PEG_TV, Rogue_Assassin5
  • 9am-12pm- Hyf1re 
  • 12pm-6pm- Maraxus1 & Starsheild
  • 6pm-9pm- SoSlo
  • 9pm-12am- xXPhionaXx & SlightlyOriginal (Wrap up. )
 Also, special guests will be dropping by during the show including WG's PigeonofWar.