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NA vs EU Warships Community Contributor Battle10/1/2016 1:48:06 PM
Published By: Critter8
NA vs EU Warships Community Contributor Battle
"Battle of the Atlantic"
October 8th 2016
(10:30 AM PST | 1:30PM EST | 7:30PM CEST)
(1:30 PM PST | 4:30PM EST | 10:30PM CEST)
EU Team NA Team
  1. MrConway (Team Captain)   
  2. Mighty Jingles
  3. PointyHairedJedi
  4. Strefs
  5. IEarlGrey
  6. Crysantos
  7. Flamu
  8. Deserte
  9. Aerroon
  10. Strangers123
  11. Izolate
  12. ClydeThaMonkey
  13. LadyTorpida
  14. Aetam
  15. ​Ph3lan (WG staff) *tentative
  1. Quemapueblos (Team Captain)
  2. IChase
  3. NoZoupForYou
  4. Notser
  5. Mejash
  6. TitiuBlack
  7. LittleWhiteMouse
  8. ShipComrade
  9. Slai47 (android app)
  10. Lert
  11. Keviseeb
  12. CookieTheGrill
  13. Trevzor (WG staff)
  14. NikoPower (WG staff) *tentative
Live Stream Details
  • A Fun (non-serious) live stream with Wargaming CC's playing matches together along with Wargaming staff from both NA & EU.
Stream Match Schedule
Round 1
12 vs 12 Mikasa
Round 6
12 vs 12 Yamato                                              
Round 2
12 vs 12 Shimakaze (torps only on ocean)   
Round 7
12 vs 12 Flint
Round 3
12 vs 12 Leningrad
Round 8
Normal Battle Tier 6
Round 4
12 vs 12 Bismarck (secondaries only)
Round 9
Normal Battle Tier 8
Round 5
12 vs 12 Fujin (close to halloween)
Round 10
Normal Battle Tier 10
Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Let's see if we can break Twitch :)
P.S. this was originally IEarlGrey's idea as a fundraiser for my Dad's legal fund. But due to WG lawyers, WG are unable to promote it as such. But we have been assured that CC's & myself will be able to mention the GoFundMe.
Full Story with updates located on GoFundMe Page 
Other Videos promoting the event. (will keep updating with more videos through out the week)
The Mighty Jingles @25:25 seconds
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