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Wargaming Live 1 Year Anniversary WoWS (NA vs EU) Saturday 9/179/16/2016 10:20:15 PM
Published By: Critter8
Wargaming is doing a Live Twitch Giveaway and a NA vs EU clan event tomorrow (Saturday 9/17). There will be lots of fun planned, tons of prizes, a joke match with 12v12 mikasas. Come join myself along with many other Wargaming contributors from both NA & EU during the pre-show. Over 100k doubloons to be given away!

Wargaming Live 1 Year Anniversary WoWS

Saturday 9/17
* Pre-show Stream: 10:30 AM PST | 1:30PM EST to 12:30PM PST |  3:30PM EST 
  • lots of fun planned
  • tons of prizes
  • joke match with 12v12 Mikasas 
* Tournament: 12:30 AM PST | 3:30PM EST to 3:30PM PST | 5:30PM EST

Wargaming presents a World of Warships Anniversary Event
"The Battle of the Atlantic" 

6 Top Clans - NA meets EU

Task Force Apocalypse (NA) - Kantai Fleet Girls (NA) - Fleet of Fog (NA)

Tora Tora Tora (EU) - Kaper Kommando (EU) - Odem Mortis International (EU)

Giveaways over 100k doubloons