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The Warships Podcast8/29/2016 3:44:24 PM
Published By: Kelorn
Greetings Captains!
My name is Kelorn, and I am the Co-host and Co-founder of the Warships Podcast. KamiSamurai and I have partnered to create a weekly Podcast discussing current events in World of Warships, ship advice, listener Q&A, and interviews with members of the Warships community. Kami and I are members of the OverPowered Gaming (OP Gaming) Community and we both enjoy playing the game at a high level of skill with our friends and clanmates.  
We're happy to be a new part of the community and look forward to posting each of our new episodes as they're released. In the meantime, our first six episodes are uploaded to our website for you to enjoy.
There are a variety of ways to listen to the podcast, the easiest of which is to use the embedded web-browser on our website. Alternatively, you can listen to the Podcast through a variety of podcast applications. We're always happy to submit to a new location by listener request. 
On this week's episode, Vanessaira joins us to discuss the State of USN Cruisers and speculate on the possibilities for Ranked and Team play in the near future. 
You can listen to us:
On our Website
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