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VMF Molotov in the World of Warships Premium Store5/17/2016 6:47:12 AM
Published By: HoChiWinh

VMF Molotov in the World of Warships Premium Store

VMF Molotov in World of Warships

Gather round and marvel at this awesome piece of Russian engineering. If our review of the VMF Molotov had you excited about the release of the premium ship, you have to wait no longer!

Just last week we published an in-depth review of the VMF Molotov to give you a little taster of what to expect when this Russian beauty hits the store. For anyone that’s enjoying the Russian cruiser line in World of Warships, then this ship is a great purchase to add to the collection. It’s a heavily armed cruiser packing nine 180mm guns; a vessel that matches the firepower of the Tier IX Dmitri Donskoi for reference. As with any premium release from Wargaming, the Molotov comes in both a bundled, and an unbundled package.

VMF Molotov Stats in World of Warships 

 When purchasing the Molotov, there are multiple different packages available. Anyone that wants to open their wallets and throw more money at Wargaming, the options are the Molotov, Molotov Loaded, and the Molotov Fully Loaded bundles. As these names don’t give us many clues as to what is included, check out the contents below.
  • Molotov: The basic ship and 1 port slot
  • Molotov Loaded: The ship, 1 port slow, 1x Gunfire Control System 1, 7 days Premium.
  • Molotov Fully Loaded: The ship, port slot, 1x Gunfire Control System 1, 1x Main Battery Modification 1, 1x Propulsion Modification 1, 30 days Premium.

As you can see, this ship comes in a bunch of different configurations, so there’s a package suitable for every budding Russian captain. If you want to get your hands on one of these packages then head over to the official website to purchase your Molotov. For more World of Warships news and reviews head over to the main ShipComrade homepage, or follow us on twitter at @ShipComrade.

Source: Official Wargaming Website