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Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 months ago /#GetBoat:  Net Gains
Ranked Battles is a classic MMORPG grind.  Instead of farming Mogu for Skyshards, you're farming wins -- lots and lots of wins.  And just to make things interesting (or awful), losses will set you back.  Mouse spent her day off neck deep in The Grind, enjoying victories and suffering defeats.  That this title of this article isn't "Got Boat" in the past tense, you can guess she's got a ways to go.  Today we look at the optimists way of keeping your sanity, looking at Net Gains.
Published by Critter8 8 months ago /1 Year Anniversary Giveaway
So our 1 Year Anniversary is approaching. and to celebrate, we are gonna be giving away some rare Ships. Tuesday June 21st, we will be joining forces with our good friend and supporter IChase. Thanks to the good folks over at NA Wargaming. Our NA supporters will have a rare chance at some Ships currently not available to purchase, and one you may never see again as Wargaming has announced they may never sell again due to it being way too OP. 
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 months ago /#GetBoat: The Grind So Far
Weeks old, the fourth season of Ranked Battles has already seen a handful of people finish the season at Rank One.  Mouse's own climb has been decidedly lethargic thus far and not from a lack of success.  Today, we take a look at her progress thus far, what's holding her back and what we can expect over the coming week. 
Published by HoChiWinh 8 months ago Deep Sea Tournament LogoThe Deep Sea Tournament: Season 2 Pre-Season Final!
Over the last few weeks, high-ranking World of Warships teams have been battling it out to be crowned winners of the latest Deep Sea Tournament, and we’re about to find out who will come out on top.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 months ago /#GetBoat:  Detonations
There's been a lot of talk about Detonations in World of Warships, not all of it good.  As historically significant as detonations are to warships, there is a vocal group that advocates that this mechanic leaves too much to RNG and nothing to skill.  In a competitive system like Ranked Battles, the feeling is that Detonations can have potentially too much impact, dooming the team that suffers one of these unlucky events.  But why does it seem to be happening more often this season?
Published by HoChiWinh 8 months ago Wargaming Community Manager EctarCommunity Manager Ectar to Leave
One of the most prominent and well-loved voices in the English language Wargaming community will soon be leaving us to explore greener pastures and new seas. Ectar, part of the Wargaming team since 2012, will be leaving the company and heading in a new direction.

Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 months ago /#GetBoat:  Bad Apples and A-Holes
This season sees a new mechanic being added to Ranked Battles, and Mouse isn't too happy about it.  When you lose a match, normally you lose a star.  However, the player on the losing team that scores the highest amount of experience avoids this fate.  This opens the door to some rather unfortunate behaviour and tries to shove the letter "i" in TEAM.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 months ago /#GetBoat: Unnecessary Risks, Part Two
We're back and our Ranked Battles team mates are still at it.  They're still dying when they shouldn't be, throwing their ships away for dubious reasons.  Mouse looks into the psychology of winning in Ranked Battles and how players work at cross purposes to their team mates.  What seems a needed sacrifice to win in one fashion is absolutely unnecessary in another and only works contrary to the surest way to win.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 months ago /#GetBoat:  Unnecessary Risks, Part One
We've all seen it.  We've all suffered it.  We all lament it when it happens.  Your team is winning.  You've got the solid advantage on kills and cap points.  Yet somehow, it all goes pear shaped and you end up losing anyway because someone wants to be a hero.  Today, Mouse addresses the very basics of winning and how it relates to throwing a win away.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 months ago /Deep Sea Tournament
Who doesn't like watching a good ol' East vs West grudge match?  Coming up on June 14th & 16th, a Showmatch between two EU clans and two of the leading teams from China go head to head.  Find out who's participating in this event, who's (likely) going to win and rejoice when you learn that the commentators are players that know the game and how to comment upon it!
Yep, this ain't going to be no exhibition match like at the WGLEU World Finals 2016, lemme tell you.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 months ago /#GetBoat:  Time Management
Welcome to Mouse's Ranked Battle Blog!  It's been a bit of a rough ride to get started into this season's worth of gaming on the NA server.  But after that initial hiccough, I'm underway.  Today I look at something that's very important in regards to anyone thinking of participating in Ranked Battles:  Just how much time it's theoretically going to take to reach Rank One in a given season.

Be warned, the contents are full of discouraging realities.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 months ago under Smith /Premium Ship Review: USS Smith
Imagine that instead of firing off your torpedoes in whole salvos, that you could aim and launch them one at a time.  Wouldn't that be neat?  Well, with the USS Smith, you can!  In fact, you don't have any choice in the matter cause her three torpedo tubes are all singles.  Mouse takes a look at what as to be one of the silliest of the premium vessels she's yet reviewed.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 months ago under Emden /Premium Ship Review: SMS Emden
The Emden has a story that's larger than life.  This is the ship that thumbed its nose at the British Empire, evaded almost everything the Royal Navy and Imperial Japanese Navy threw at it and made a score of victories across the Indian Ocean.  As a commerce raider, it seems rather ill suited on paper to make its way into World of Warships.  So how does this Premium Cruiser live up to its legend?
Published by Aetam 8 months ago / Project Wrecked: Episode 9
A new episode of Project Wrecked is here. We have several clips of ships spreading murder and mayhem. There is even some text now too.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 9 months ago under Indianapolis /Premium Ship Review: USS Indianapois
Finally!  The USS Indianapolis arrives to replace the USS Atlanta as the preferred mid-to-high tier trainer!  Be warned, though.  Just because this Portland-class cruiser isn't the Atlanta, that doesn't necessarily make her a must have for all USN-Captains.  Mouse takes a closer look at this new addition and puts her through her paces.
Published by Aetam 9 months ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 8
Rejoice, the new Project Wrecked is here! This time we have a lot of torpedo kills. Even a battleship joined the madness. And some ships just did not stop killing.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 9 months ago under Tirpitz /Premium Ship Review: Tirpitz
On the eve of 0.5.6, Mouse does a bit of house cleaning.  Here she revisits an old favourite -- the KMS Tirpitz which players will soon be able to purchase for 12,500 doubloons through the in game tech tree.  Find out what you need to know here about the coming Tirpocalypse.
Published by HoChiWinh 9 months ago under Molotov VMF Molotov in World of WarshipsVMF Molotov in the World of Warships Premium Store
Gather round and marvel at this awesome piece of Russian engineering. If our review of the VMF Molotov had you excited about the release of the premium ship, you have to wait no longer!
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 9 months ago under Molotov / Premium Ship Review: VMF Molotov
Another Soviet premium cruiser?  The Molotov joins the Soviet premium fleet composed of  the Diana, Aurora, Murmansk and Mikhail Kutuzov.  What can this ship offer that's not already found in one of these other ships?  The answer is guns.  Awesome, awesome guns. 
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