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Published by Kelorn 7 weeks ago Episode 17: USS Missouri and the National Museum of the Pacific War
Kelorn, Kami, and Vanessa discuss the Missouri and Kelorn conducts a fun interview! 
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 7 weeks ago under Missouri /Premium Ship Review: USS Missouri
After much teasing and fanfare, the USS Missouri joins World of Warships.  This is the first tier 9 premium ship introduced into the game and also the first ship that can be purchased solely with Free Experience.  With a high asking price, Mouse and NoZoupForYou take a closer look at this iconic vessel to see if she's worth the heavy grind.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 8 weeks ago under Shinonome /Premium Ship Review:  Shinonome
With patch 0.5.15, Wargaming introduced the Campaign system to World of Warships.  The carrot at the end of the stick for Honorable Service campaign is the tier 6 Japanese Destroyer Shinonome.  Mouse takes a closer look at this reward vessel to see if she's worth devoting time to the grind.
Published by Aetam 2 months ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 21
It is time for another episode of Project Wrecked. We have epic brawls, a desperate try to cap and lots of explosions.
Published by Lert 2 months ago /A detailed look at: De Grasse AA cruiser
This post-war French cruiser is the Atlanta's spiritual successor. Boasting superior tonnage, speed and armament, would she function in World of Warships? And where would she be tiered were she to be introduced?
Read and find out.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 months ago under Akizuki /Ship Preview:  Mouse in the Akizuki
The Akizuki is the new Japanese destroyer that's getting all of the press.  Some call her a baby Khabarovsk.  Mouse compares her to the Flint.  But is this all hyperbole?  What's got everyone so excited about this new ship anyway?  Join us as Mouse takes a closer look at this new tier 8 Japanese gunship.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 months ago under Katori /Premium Ship Review:  Katori
This ship has teased Mouse for a while.  When she was finally given the green light, she couldn't wait to get her hands on the Katori, having not seen it in play since World of Warships was still in Closed Beta.  In today's helping of ShipComrade goodness, Mouse and Lert take a closer look at this vessel rearmed and re-equipped with her historical vessel.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 months ago under Shiratsuyu /A Tale of Three Sevens: Hatsuharu, Shiratsuyu and Akatsuki
Out with the old, in with the new!  With the new IJN Destroyer tech tree on the horizon, Mouse takes a look at how the tier 7 ships compare, stacking the old Hatsuharu against the new Shiratsuyu and the Akatsuki which will replace her.  There's some interesting surprises in store.
Published by Aetam 2 months ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 20
We have a new episode! Watch ships explode, an epic brawl and even a little bit of romance. We hope you enjoy it.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 months ago under Perth /Premium Ship Review: HMAS Perth
Citizens of the British Commonwealth:  REJOICE!  The vaunted HMAS Perth joins World of Warships.  With very little notice but an over abundance of enthusiasm, Mouse takes this ship out on the high seas and applies its guns and torpedoes to the enemy.  Read on to find out how well that went and her take on this handsome vessel with input shared by NoZoupforYou and Lert.
Published by Aetam 2 months ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 19
A new episode is here! This time we have torpedos, brawling battleships and a sneaky Mouse. Lean back and enjoy the show.
Published by Lert 2 months ago /A Detailed Look At: Admiralen class destroyers
Admiralen were a small but very interesting late 1920s era Dutch destroyer, based on a British design.
There is no doubt that this ship would fit nicely within World of Warships, but at what tier? And with what specifications? Read on and be informed. Who knows, when we get to the gimmicks segment you might even be amazed.
Published by Critter8 3 months ago / Torpedoes for the Troops Charity Event
Operation Supply Drop’s mission is to impact today’s veterans all around the globe and to “Make fun where there is none” by supplying video game care packages to US and Allied troops deployed around the world!
Since 2010, Operation Supply Drop has served over 300 Active Duty units around the globe, impacting over 100,000 service members and their families with over 1 million donated video games.
Published by Kelorn 3 months ago Episode 11: A Naval Historian Compares WoWS to Real History!
Come listen to us discuss Patch 0.5.13, the new British Cruisers, and interview the US Navy's Naval History and Heritage Command!
Published by Aetam 3 months ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 18
A new episode of Project Wrecked is here! This week we have some crazy battleship brawls. There is also a short clip from the NA vs EU CC event. We hope you enjoy it!
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 3 months ago under Belfast /Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast
She's here!  The HMS Belfast, the first of the Royal Navy cruisers, has been spotted.  Mouse twirled for joy when she was given the chance to playtest this historic British beauty.  NoZoupforYou and Lert join her in presenting a first look at this new premium cruiser which heralds the release of the cruiser line.
Published by Fr05ty 3 months ago /Battlecruiser Wednesdays: B65 class Battlecruiser
Welcome to the fifth article from our Battlecruiser Wednesdays cycle! We'll be taking a look at a different battlecruiser design each wednesday and analysing how it could be implemented in-game by using our familiar "A Detailed Look At" format.
This week: I'll be taking a look at the B65 class, the last class of battlecruisers ever designed by the Imperial Japanese Navy. The B65 class was meant to destroy enemy heavy cruisers and provide an answer to the American Alaska Class. In order to achieve such objectives, the B65 class were as fast as other cruisers in the navy and carried firepower fitting of a light battleship. The B65 class were the final step of the Imperial Japanese Navy's Heavy Cruiser design, incorporating all that made their cruisers fearsome in the high seas but to a much greater grade.
Step inside, read the article to see just how the B65's would stack up in-game and let us know what you think of this class making its way into the game!
Published by Kelorn 3 months ago Episode 10: Wargaming NA Comes to town!
Wargaming answers questions from listeners! Tune in to find out more about hot topics and upcoming events!
Published by Lert 3 months ago /ShipComrade needs your help!
A more serious subject now. Our fearless leader is going through a serious family issue right now. His step-father, elderly and needing medical care, is facing homelessness after he was scammed out of his house and all his possessions.
Here is what happened, and how you can help.d
Published by Kelorn 3 months ago
The Warships Podcast Episode 9: The Realities of Maps in Ranked with Vanessaira and Aerroon

This week Vanessa and Aerroon join us to talk about how Ranked Season 5 is shaping up compared to expectations as well as tactics for each of the Ranked maps! 
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