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Published by Kelorn 7 weeks ago The Warships Podcast Episode 33: Wargaming EU gives a window into Content Creation and Duca D'Aosta gets a Preview!
Publisher Karsun and Community Coordinator MrConway from Wargaming EU answer questions about the EU Server. They include tidbits about content creation, Ranked Season 6 participation, the challenges of a multi-lingual server, and feedback from the Christmas Convoys. We also talk about the effect of stealth fire removal, the changes to the French ships, and the Podcast crew previews the Duca D'Aosta. Finally, we wrap up by talking about the new Dry Dock on PTS 0.6.4 and the teaser for the upcoming patch.

Two big announcements are inserted in the middle of all of that, with the Podcast crew announcing their inclusion as Wargaming NA CC's and a special shout out to the Gofundme for fellow player Gary Falbo.
Published by Aetam 7 weeks ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 30
Episode 30 has arrived! This time we have a badass corgi, a lot of torpedoes and a Bismarck on a rampage. Enjoy! 
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 7 weeks ago /Ship Preview:  Duca d'Aosta
Wargaming has provided Mouse with the first Italian ship in the game to test.  She couldn't wait to get her hands on this beautiful looking ship.  However, she quickly discovered a few early problems with the vessel and what should have been a whirlwind love affair turned into a bit of a troubled honeymoon.  Here's the preview of Duca d'Aosta, as she appeared up until April 3rd, 2017 during the testing period.
Published by Kelorn 2 months ago The Warships Podcast Episode 32: What it's really like to command a battleship with VADM Douglas Katz USN (retired)
In this episode of the Warships Podcast we have the privilege of having Vice Admiral Katz (Retired) on talking about his time in the United States Navy and as the Captain of the U.S.S. New Jersey. The Vice Admiral gave us an incredible awe inspiring oral history of just some of the many stories and experiences he had while in the U.S. Navy and on board the U.S.S. New Jersey.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 months ago /Mouse Updates 24 Reviews for 0.6.3
Update 0.6.3 and the removal of stealth-firing put a lot of pressure on Mouse to update her reviews.  However, with such an involved review-process, she knew she couldn't get to them quickly enough for those players who had questions.  Instead, she put together this quick and dirty (and rather tongue-in-cheek) list of how each of the premium ships was affected and what she now thinks of them.
Published by Kelorn 2 months ago The Warships Podcast Episode 31: Notser beaches himself on the Podcast to discuss Kaga, T9 Ranked, and the end of Stealth Fire
Notser stops by for a chat about some hot topics, including the changes to USS Alabama, the teaser of IJN Kaga, the effects of the upcoming 0.6.3 patch, and the end of stealth fire. The crew rounds out the podcast with a speculative discussion about the possibility of a Tier 9 Ranked season.
Published by Aetam 2 months ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 29
A new Episode is here! We have some love, torpedoes and plenty of sinking ships. Sit back and enjoy the show.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 months ago /Swansong for Stealth-Fire
When 0.6.3 launches, ship detection range when firing will be changed from its current mechanic to something much more simple and easy to understand -- the range at which a ship shoots will be its surface detection range when firing.  This has a negative impact on many ships which could previously engage targets with their guns without the need for smoke or terrain.  Mouse takes a closer look at how this will affect the game.
Published by Kelorn 2 months ago The Warships Podcast Episode 30: QckSlvrSlash and Trevzor expound on French Cruisers, the Alabama, a day at WG NA, and How to Cruiser!
The podcast crew is joined by up-in-coming youtuber QckSlvrSlash and, friend of the podcast, Trevzor from Wargaming NA! We discuss Wargaming's #WGK9salute event, the new French cruisers, what their testing schedule looks like, and what kind of flavor they might have. Trevzor gives us some insight into how things are decided at WG NA as well as some advice on how to get their attention. After a quick discussion on the new USS Alabama, Vanessa leads a round table with advice on How to Cruiser for our listeners.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 months ago /Premium Ship Review: Alabama
One of the most highly anticipated premium vessels to arrive in World of Warships is about to be released.  USS Alabama, responsible for the public relations poop-storm of 2016, is already causing more controversy.  Mouse and Lert took her out for a test drive and share their thoughts.
Published by Kelorn 2 months ago The Warships Podcast Episode 29: Keviseeb comes by to talk Ranking out and the sneak peek at French Cruisers
Old man Keviseeb talks with the Podcast crew about the demographics of Warships players, Ranking out, the sneak peek at the new French Cruisers, and a recent article about Victor Kislyi and the future of Wargaming.
Published by LittleWhiteMouse 2 months ago under Okhotnik /Premium Ship Review:  Okhotnik
What's this?  Lert and Mouse can't agree if Okhotnik is overpowered or not?  Why is there such a difference of opinions between these two?  What is this ship that has them so divided?  What is that monstrosity in the thumbnail?  No, that's not a fish-eye lens camera trick... that's Okhotnik.
Published by Aetam 2 months ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 28
A new episode is here! This time there are epic battles and in the end there might even be love. I hope you enjoy the video!
Published by Kelorn 2 months ago The Warships Podcast Episode 28: The Mighty Jingles and Patch 0.6.2
This week Kelorn, Kami and Vanessa interview one of the most well-known community contributors for both World of Warships and World of Tanks, the Might yJingles! Jingles tells us about how he got started on Youtube, anecdotes from his time in the Navy, gives his opinion on the new Russian DD's and USS Black, and answers some listener questions!

Published by LittleWhiteMouse 3 months ago under Atlanta /Premium Ship Review:  Atlanta 3.0
It's been over a year since Mouse last took a detailed look at Atlanta.  The game has evolved significantly in that time.  New Captain Skills, new Upgrades and new Consumables have all changed the landscape of World of Warships.  How has Atlanta fared in the interim?
Published by Kelorn 3 months ago The Warships Podcast Episode 27: RIP Poshybird and NoZoupForYou gives us the lowdown on his trip to WGNA Headquarters
We start this week with a solemn moment of silence in memory of World of Tanks twitch streamer Poshybird. We encourage people to consider donating to the GoFundMe setup in his name. NoZoupForYou is our guest this week and tells us about his amazing trip to Wargaming NA Headquarters in California. He hints about the great things coming this year, whetting our appetites! After that, we talk about the developing ranked meta on the EU and NA servers, which ships are being used and why we think that might be. We round out the episode with a Backer QnA session and announce next week's guest!
Published by Aetam 3 months ago /Project Wrecked: Episode 27
Episode 27 has arrived! Ships explode, a Yamato goes on a rampage and there are a lot of torpedoes. I hope you enjoy it!
Published by Fr05ty 3 months ago /Battlecruiser Wednesdays: Design 1047
Welcome to the tenth article from our Battlecruiser Wednesdays cycle! We'll be taking a look at a different battlecruiser design each Wednesday and analysing how it could be implemented in-game by using our familiar "A Detailed Look At" format.
This week: I'll be taking a look at the one of the proposed battlecruisers for the Dutch Koninklijke Marine, the Design 1047 which I've dubbed the De Zeven Provincien. This design was the Dutch response to Imperial Japanese expansionist ambitions, and to protect the Dutch East Indies which were vital due to their resources. The design was done with the assistance of the Germans, and a tiny bit from the Italians, which resulted in what might affectionately be called the Scharnhorst's Dutch cousin. A design created to hunt Imperial Japanese cruisers with impunity, the 1047 design is a thoroughbred battlecruiser which would have represented the pinnacle of Dutch naval ambitions. It was not meant to be, as all work on these ships was halted with the German invasion of the Netherlands and yet again, the Dutch's attempt at making their own capital ship ended with the outbreak of a World War.
Step inside, read the article to see just how the De Zeven Provincien would stack up in-game and let us know what you think of this class making its way into the game!
Published by Aetam 3 months ago /Warships Community Contributor Battle (Feb 18th)
The time has come. Once more a bunch of Community Contributors, some smaller content creators and even Wargaming employees will meet in an epic battle.
Published by Kelorn 3 months ago The Warships Podcast Episode 26: The Chieftain arrives in style!
We start out this week with a new intro as we finally got off the dime and had Vanessa's name added to the intro music! The Chieftain from Wargaming NA stops by to discuss the ins and outs of Ships, how they relate to tanks, how he got started with Wargaming, and a host of other tidbits about how things work behinds the scenes. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

At the end, we announce that Kami and Kelorn will be participating in two Community Contributor events this weekend, be sure to check out Corgi Fleet and the NA and EU CC event!
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