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New Ranked Player Detail | (NA) (EU) Join Project R!

Postby Critters » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:20 pm

Hello Captains,
Added a Player detail page to the Ranked Leaderboard. This page will show you overall player stats & stats by ship in order of most played. The Ranking filters also work in conjunction with the detail page allowing to go through the different Ranking filters while viewing all stats. It will just highlight the stats the filters are Ranking by.


Also added a Player Compare feature to the Player detail page. You can enter a 2nd player name and then flip through the various Seasons & Rankings.


Just click on a player in the LeaderBoard results to view these new features.
Check it Here...

Looking for feedback and/or suggestions please.


R for Restoration: Calling All Captains!

A blueprint of an infamous Japanese destroyer Kamikaze was found lying in the depths. The Admiralty is planning on salvaging the rare document and restoring the ship to her full glory in World of Warships. All captains are therefore asked to collect pearls during their sorties on the high seas and contribute to the collective treasury. If all goes well, two thousand specimens will be given away to participants of the event. All hands on deck!

Starting from today, in-game missions tagged “Project R” will be available from the “missions interface” in the Port screen. From there you will be able to see what is required of you for each mission and track your progress. Each mission has different requirements, restrictions and rewards. By collecting Pearls for accomplishing these missions, you are not only contributing to the Project, but also earning rewards for yourself.

Once the community has reached 10 million Pearls, the Admiralty will be able to restore Kamikaze and build 2,000 specimen that will be randomly distributed among participants of the event with at least 150 Pearls collected on their accounts.


(NA) NA:

(EU) EU:

View Kamikaze R Stats:

Talk to all soon,
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