(NA) Sail the Mikhail Kutuzov 1/15 - 1/18 | (EU) Rock The Boats (Winners Announced)

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(NA) Sail the Mikhail Kutuzov 1/15 - 1/18 | (EU) Rock The Boats (Winners Announced)

Postby Critters » Thu Jan 14, 2016 9:43 pm

(NA) NA: In-Game Competition - Sail the Mikhail Kutuzov 1/15 - 1/18

Posted by NikoPower


To celebrate the release of the Mikhail Kutuzov, we thought we would offer you a chance to win one just by playing the game. We will be looking for the best Max Base XP in a single battle. Here are the details:

Tier: VI
Class: Cruisers

Placement is based on MAX BASE XP IN A SINGLE BATTLE. Premium Ships are allowed but Premium multipliers will not count. See example below.

Duration: 1/15 Friday 4pm Pacific to 1/18 Monday 4pm Pacific.
Competition is open to NA server players only.

And the part you've all be waiting for...

  • 1st - 5th Place: Kutuzov, Slot, 1000 Doubloons, 1 Week premium
  • 6th - 50th: 500 Doubloons, 3 days premium, and 1 Port Slot


(EU) EU: End of the year in-game contest results

Posted by Sehales

Captains, we are proud to announce the winners of our End of the Year In-game Contest "Rock the boats"!
Do you want to know if you or your friends managed to win one of the awesome prizes? Just check out the tables below:

Important information for the winners of the Kitakami:
The Kitakami has the status of special event ship - she will have 0 running costs, but also 0 earnings. However she is a great ship for hunting achievements and flags - not to mention a nasty torpedo surprise to any unwary enemy!


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