Ship Filters w/ Ranked Leaderboard | (NA) Mikhail Kutuzov On Sale

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Ship Filters w/ Ranked Leaderboard | (NA) Mikhail Kutuzov On Sale

Postby Critters » Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:45 pm

Hello Captains,
I have now added Ship filters to the Ranked Leaderboards. So now you can Rank yourself or others all kinds of ways. There is much more to come, like player detail pages with overall data, then data by ship most played. Also looking at a player compare feature.

Have also changed min battles as follows:
(1) Ranked by Win Rate (20 battles)
(2) Ranked by anything but Win Rate for all Ships together (5 battles)
(3) Ranked by anything but Win Rate for a Single Ship (1 battle)

Ranked LeaderBoards w/ Ship Filters

This is a New System that needs player names searched. API does not have a mass player name dump. So to be in the rankings, your player name has to be searched. Check it Here...

Looking for feedback and/or suggestions please.


(NA) NA: Skillful Sailing - Kutuzov Joins the Armada

If you're getting fired at, you're doing it wrong.

The tier VIII Russian cruiser, Mikhail Kutuzov, has arrived! Unlike other cruisers, she comes equipped with a Smoke Generator as well as a punishing array of anti-aircraft armament. Allies will sing your praises and enemies will curse your name if you play to her strengths!

Starts January 11 at 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET
Ends January 25 at 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET


View Mikhail Kutuzov Stats:

(NA) NA: WoWS New Years Resolution Contest (Winners Announced)

Posted by NikoPower

Thanks everyone for your entries and congratulations to your winners. We will be pricing these out soon.

  • 1: OgreMkV
  • 2: MagisterAurelius
  • 3: Datileis
  • 4: ZombieFlanders
  • 5: MDTJ
  • 6: Legion_2015
  • 7: RWBladewing
  • 8: Daemonheld
  • 9: tyiulung
  • 10: Red_Raven_168
  • 11: GNanting
  • 12: PelicanHazard
  • 13: TacoSallust
  • 14: groomsiebelle
  • 15: Personator


Talk to all soon,
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