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Mikhail Kutuzov Stats | (EU) Rossia | (NA) Ship Blueprint (Contest Winners)

Postby Critters » Wed Dec 09, 2015 8:36 pm

Hello Captains,
2 new video additions to the Ship Tree video directory today. We have new videos from Fojar the Great & WastingSomeTime Gaming.

Mikhail Kutuzov : Russian Cruiser VIII

Wargaming has updated their API which included the new tier 8 Russian Cruiser stats. So, I added a new page for it. Enjoy.

Stats Preview click image

(EU) EU: 1:42 Scale: Armoured Cruiser Rossia

The Russian armoured cruiser Rossia was laid down in 1895 and scrapped in 1922 - a period during which she engaged in both diplomatic missions and combat events, such as the historically important Russo-Japanese war. Find out more in todays episode of 1:42 Scale.



(NA) NA: Design a Ship Blueprint (Contest Winners)

Posted by NikoPower

Here are your winners. Congrats to everyone. I will be prizing you all out soon. There will also be a thread for feedback and follow up. This includes the judging and other specifics.

Poll Winners:
  • 1st: Battlecruiser_NewZealand
  • 2nd: TheStarSlayer
  • 3rd: Priest79
  • 4th: CanadianArmoured
  • 5th: Misato
  • 6th: StrixKitty
  • 7th: Dirty_Deeds
  • 8th: PrinzMakaay
  • 9th: OseanTanker
  • 10th TIE: BadDecisionDino - Zehroflcopter
  • 12th: zchen27
  • 13th: Ciroton
  • 14th: NargilFenris
  • 15th: XXXXXXX <-- Winner will be added.
WG Staff Picks:
  • 1st: BrunoSchezer
  • 2nd: Garfield001
  • 3rd: GeraldRibelePhantomhive


Talk to all soon,
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