(NA) & (EU) The Best Of The Best - A Ranked Battle Contest

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(NA) & (EU) The Best Of The Best - A Ranked Battle Contest

Postby Critters » Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:50 pm

Evening Captains,
So I was hearing a lot of feedback about the current season. And one thing I heard the most was about the incentive to play when you already had gotten Rank 1 last season. So, I contacted both NA & EU divisions and suggested that maybe they could offer up some premium ships & goodies to like the top 5 of each division. and of course, bragging rights. Big thank you to both the NA & EU staff for making this happen & fast. Who knows, maybe next season we can get some 3rd Party sponsors and maybe start turning Ranked Seasons into an E-Sport. who knows!


The Best Of The Best - A Ranked Battle Contest

Posted by (NA) NikoPower & (EU) MrConway

Now that season 3 is slowly ramping up to full throttle, it is time to see which of the elite captains that reach rank 1, did so with the most ruthless efficiency!

Our awesome community contributor ShipComrade has created a ranked leaderboard on his website that we will be using to determine which of you truly reigns supreme!

You can find the leaderboard here.

To participate in the contest, simply visit the leader board and search for your nickname once to add it to the database. Once your name has been added, your stats will be updated automatically through our API.


  • The winner will be the player that managed to reach rank 1 with the highest win rate.
  • Your name will need to be added to the database by the 18th of February to be eligible.
  • If the win rate should be equal, the winner will be the player with higher average XP.
  • You can only participate if you have not activated the "Private" option on your profile, as this blocks the API.

The best 5 players will be rewarded with a prize!

  • 1st place: Warspite + Port slot + 14 days premium time
  • 2nd place: Marblehead + Port slot + 7 days premium time
  • 3rd - 5th place: Tachibana + Port slot + 3 days premium time

Action Stations!

(NA) NA:

(EU) EU:

Talk to all soon,
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NA EU The Best Of The Best A Ranked Battle Contest

Postby AllenimIptWP » Tue Dec 20, 2016 1:53 pm

The rule that people playing with the same ip play on the same side still stands?

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