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World of Warships Patch Notes
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Update Notes

Postby Critters » Thu Sep 10, 2015 9:20 am

Update Notes

  • Inactive players now get disconnected after 1 hour of inactivity in the Port.
  • Fixed an error that lead to server names not being displayed correctly in the login screen after an inactive player has been disconnected from the server.
  • Fixed an error which caused damage to not be registered properly, after the superstructure and stern of USS Iowa have been destroyed.
  • Fixed bot’s navigation paths on New Dawn and Fault Line maps.
  • Fixed an error on Myoko that lead to incorrect damage being received when the citadel was hit.
  • Fixed an error which lead to lack of anti-aircraft modernisations for Myogi and Wyoming.
  • Fixed an error that lead to spotting aircraft being able to attack squadrons (We made the pilot aware of such inappropriate behaviour and he promised to never ever do it again).
  • Decreased the horizontal angle during a ships turn.
  • Fixed an error that lead to fire continuing after the fire indicator timer ran out.
  • Fixed an error that lead to damage effects (hull penetrations) not being properly displayed.
  • Fixed an error that lead to two-digit (or higher) numbers not being displayed properly in the "Summary" tab in the player's profile.
  • Fixed camera settings for Kongo on the "C" hull, when switching to camera from the turret.
  • Fixed an error that lead to reload time of the "Defensive AA Fire 2" consumable being the same as the reload time of the "Defensive AA Fire 1" consumable on Yubari.
  • Fixed the battle experience numeration in the “Summary” tab: the number now includes all available modifiers (premium account, first win of the day, battle actions, etc.).
  • Colour scheme of ships silhouettes has been changed.
  • Fixed invisible obstacles on "New Dawn" map.
  • Fixed incorrect spawn points on "Strait" map.
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Update 0 4 1 1 Notes

Postby JasonMl » Sat Sep 12, 2015 6:14 am

The add targets to ingame mails feature looks promising. Players have been clamoring for an update to the ingame mail client for awhile now.

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