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Postby Critters » Sat Jul 11, 2015 6:01 pm

Update Notes

Two high tier Premium ships have been added to the game client:
  • Changed map loading screen image
  • Fixed invisible barriers appearing on some maps
  • Fixed visual artifacts on Two Brothers and Hot Spot maps
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of shells when fired at particular parts of the islands on Islands map
The following ships have been added for testing purposes on a limited basis. Players will not be able to purchase them, but you may encounter them in battle.
  • Diana - An armored cruiser with an impressive primary battery and multiple secondary armaments.
  • Pallada - Another classic example of a well-equipped armored cruiser.
  • Marblehead - A fast scout cruiser with torpedoes and a relatively strong primary armament; as well as a plane launcher.
  • Cincinnati - A light cruiser with a rapid rate of fire, strong AA equipment, and can launch a scout plane.
  • Tachibana - Small and fast, that's the name of the game for this Japanese destroyer.
  • Sakura - The first destroyer entirely designed in Japan. Like most destroyers, she relies on her torpedoes for damage output.
  • Mikasa - A legend in her own time, she fought in the Russian-Japanese war. Her stats are well-rounded and will prove to be a valuable ally or fearsome enemy.
  • Reload times for dual purpose guns on Mutsuki (top configuration) have been decreased (they reload faster now).
  • Fixed the incorrect displaying of smoke from enemy ships funnels
  • Fixed an error resulting an incorrect animation of squadron takeoff during a carrier's destruction
  • Fixed an error leading to the increase of water detail as the camera zooms out from the ship
  • Fixed the flashing of the tracer at low and medium graphics settings
  • Fixed an error causing an incorrect system message after rejecting a division invite
  • Fixed an error which led to the incorrect display of messages when modules were critically damaged
  • Fixed the error that prevented the display of Doubloons as an option for dismounting a Modernization
  • Fixed errors in text message display
  • Fixed the error which, in some cases, led to client crash when opening the chat channel
  • Fixed the error which led to client crash while entering battle
  • Fixed the error which incorrectly set some graphics settings when auto-detecting the quality for the low configurations computers
  • Map selection for the server has been reworked
  • Fixed the error that led to the ship staying in the battle indefinitely
  • Fixed an error of the battle not finishing when bases are captured simultaneously in Standard battle mode
  • Fixed an issue which caused a failure to display damage icons for AA system on Russian and British ships
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