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Postby Critters » Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:58 pm Patch Notes

With the release of the patch Equal Speed Charlie London flags will be credited to everyone who used flags in the time period between versions 0.5.1 and because of a malfunction in the mechanics of the flag system.

In Ranked Battles:
  • Fault Line map turned off for battles of Rank 10 and higher
  • Ocean map is now only available for battles of Rank 10 and higher
  • The likelihood of dropping-out of the Ocean map has been halved
In Random Battles:
  • The chance of getting Zone mode on the Trap and Islands of Ice maps, for high-tier battles, has been halved
System changes:
Resets for in-game tasks will now happen in regards to a specific region. For EU this will be set for 03:00 UTC. Users who enter the game on EU, NA and ASIA realms after this change is applied may notice the following artefacts during the first 24 hours after the changes are applied:

  • Users will get a chance to complete Daily Quests twice during the first 24 hours
  • Users will get a chance to receive the First Win bonus twice during the first 24 hours
  • The amount of complaints and compliments that can be given by a player will reroll twice during the first 24 hours, which means the players will get a chance to complain and appraise twice as much during the first 24 hours
Other changes:
  • By popular demand, the ability to turn on/off inverting mouse control on the vertical axis has been added to the settings (by default, inverting is off)
  • Fixed an error leading to the ships’ characteristics not being calculated at the camouflage set for visibility. Now the recalculated characteristics are displayed
  • Fixed an error causing the smoke effects from ships funnels, and some other effects to disappear
  • Fixed an error causing the shell tracer to disappear mid-air or close to the ship
  • Fixed an error causing the airplanes queuing for the landing, circling too far from the aircraft carrier. The landing time for several consecutive air groups has therefore decreased significantly
  • Minor changes were made in localisations
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Postby WilliamAvAby » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:01 am

Glad to hear about the patch, but I do wish some of the role cards were given priority. We could lose games because the role cards are inaccurate.


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