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Postby Critters » Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:16 pm Patch Notes

Branches of Soviet destroyers and German cruisers tech trees are now available in the Research tab.

On maps Two Brothers, Ice Islands and Fault Line spots where landscape did not correspond with collision border have been fixed.
  • Ice Islands"- flying iceberg in square A2
  • Fault Line - landscape collision border wider visual of lanscape border in squares E8-F8
  • Two Brothers - landscape collision border above visual of lanscape border in squares F7-G7
Balance changes сhanges in US ships:
  • For Erie increased loading time to 7 sec
  • For Chester increased loading time to 7 sec
  • Set the local value of guns rotation speed at 4 dps for Arkansas (which is typical not for guns, but for a specific ship)
This also loading in the Event ships.
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