Video Submission FAQ

A place to post your World of Warships Video's. Exceptional Video's may get added to the Directory.
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Video Submission FAQ

Postby Critters » Thu Jul 09, 2015 7:26 pm

This forum is for the sole purpose of submitting YouTube Video's of World of Warships Gameplay & Guides.

We are in need of Guides & Gameplay videos, especially in Ship Trees where no videos are listed or is lite. But, Will consider anything if it's good. If your Video is considered exceptional and the community has given enough positive responses, We may also include you on the Main Page as well as in the Directory. Even if your Video is not chosen for inclusion, this is still a great spot to share it with the community. Not every Video will be chosen, doesn't mean the next one you make won't rock...

Types of Guides:
  • General Game Guide. "categorized under Ship Trees"
  • Ship Guide. "categorized under a single Ship"
Types of Gameplay:
  • General Gameplay. "RNG, Player Submission short clips, Funny Clips, Interviews with Gameplay"
  • Ship Gameplay "Max of 3 different ships"
To be considered for inclusion. Videos must include voice over.

Posting your Video::
Please create a New Topic in this section and then click the BB code youtube and enter in the video code between the tags.
(The video code is the code located at the end of the YouTube url. The code is everything after the equals sign.)
Then, Underneath the YouTube code, Tag it with the type of video and ship name(s) separated by comma's.
examples: (General Gameplay: Atlanta, New York, Fuso)

Staff is limited, So please be patient with the speed of the review. We may hold off judging pending feedback from the community first.

If you are chosen for inclusion. We ask that you become an active YouTube personality in our community and create discussion here with your fans.

Video Submission is limited to those who made the Video.

Good Luck...
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