Gremyashchy premium Tier V destroyer

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Gremyashchy premium Tier V destroyer

Postby Istvan56 » Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:37 am


The best ship of the World of Warships Closed Beta Test (CBT) pre-order bundle according to The Mighty Jingles is the Gremyashchy, aka the "Gremy" or "Gremlin." This member of the Gnevny-class or Projekt 7 destroyers was developed as a joint Italian-Soviet project in the mid-1930's based off of the Maestrale-class destroyer. The ships were noted for their superior 130 mm artillery (large for a destroyer of any navy), good fire control and reliable engines which gave them great speed. However, construction was halted on Stalin's order after 30 ships due to problems in sea worthiness and the common engine room layout which allowed a single enemy mine to cripple, if not sink, these destroyers.

Regia Marina 1934 Maestrale-class destroyer the Projekt 7 was patterned after

The engine compartment and AA layout was changed and the hull strengthened with the Projekt 7bis (aka Type 7U) destroyers of the Soobrazitelny-class. Otherwise they are merely improved versions of the Grevny-class. We can expect the Grevny-class to be standard Tier V Russian Destroyers and the Soobrazitelny-class to be Tier VI.

The Gremyahschy served the Soviet Navy well during the Great Patriotic War. While not having been in any major battles she completed 90 combat missions, escorted 63 convoys, and repelled 112 air attacks bringing down 12 Axis aircraft. In 1943, the ship earned a Guards title.

In the game I find the Gremy a top contender among Tier V destroyers, all known for they're being favorites among DD drivers. While not as stealthy as the Minekaze, the Japanese Tier V nor as fast firing as the Nicholas, the American Tier V, the Gremyashchy is no slacker and fits in between the two play styles. If you like the long range of Japanese torpedoes the Gremyashchy is right there with 8 km torpedoes, just shy of the 10 km on the Minekaze. If you like to run and gun the Gremyashchy's 130 mm rifles are flat shooting, harder hitting and have longer range than the American rival but bewarned, without adding both the turret rotation module and the Captain's skill to speed up your turrets you won't be able to both dodge enemy shots and fire back. The trick is to straighten out just long enough for your guns to lock on your point of aim then to fire quickly, shift your rudder and break the enemy's return fire. Especially when fighting enemy destroyers, I find shooting them right after dodging their torpedo salvo allows me time to sink them before they reload.

Unlike the real Gremyashchy you won't need your AA suite very often and most competent DD drivers will press "P" at the start of a match to disable secondaries and AA guns to maintain stealth from enemies, especially while hiding in smoke. While an enemy plane might spot you for a moment, firing your AA back at it will definitely bring unhealthy attention your way. Now there are CV drivers who love to use their fighters to harass enemy destroyers, keeping them lit up for their allies so if that is the case, turn your AA on and drive those pesky squadrons away while engaging engine boost to escape the enemy's fire.

While the Gremyahschy has been withdrawn from the Premium Shop expect it to return in about a year from the start of Open Beta Test (OBT) or about July of 2016. Till then watch out for it in game as it may be hunting you.

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