American Tech Tree

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American Tech Tree

Postby 1AngryMarine » Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:50 pm

Is Wargaming even remotely thinking of splitting the US DD tech tree? As they have for the Russian and Japanese tech trees it would only seem fair they would do so for the US. A start would be the Tier X Gearing. Gearing was not the real successor to the Fletcher. The Allen M Sumner class was. It was similar to the Gearing in armament but 14ft shorter. Improvements in the Sumner's were made that led to the Gearings, both of which served pass 1970. Usually in a successor ship class they will look similar or have similar armament. This is true of the IJN DD tree. I also found their are other US DD classes that existed or were proposed. What they could do is insert the Sumner Class at Tier X then insert the Gearing as Tier X tree split. Same could be said of the Cruiser Tree. As a Tier X split they could insert an Alaska CB class as a Tier X split or if they desired to, as a Tier X premium.

So in closing its' only a suggestion but I think Wargaming is not being fair in DDs at least. And I also expect others to punch holes in my logic.
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Re: American Tech Tree

Postby TopDawg » Thu Jun 29, 2017 3:16 pm

As usual WG will decide whats is best (for them) . I point to the only recently annouced RN, a major Naval power that is only making a much needed appearence. I felt the inital ships should have been, RN, US , KM and IJN, .....

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