[TCM] recruiting on the ASIA server

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[TCM] recruiting on the ASIA server

Postby Minion » Sat Sep 19, 2015 6:10 am


Who are we? TCM is a WoTs clan located on the ASIA server (our portal page is located here). A number of our members have migrated over to playing WoWs, whilst a fair swag of us do both, as well as some other tank game. We're looking for folk that have a mature and sensible attitude, don't act like inconsiderate idiots in TS, and are 'good sports' in game.

NOTE. Our criteria are as follows

1. join our website (link below)
2. Fill out the application
3. 18 + Years Old
4. Interested In participating in team game modes
5. Have a mature And positive attitude and be a team player
6. Speak English
7. Agree to the TCM code of Conduct
8. 3000 battles at least in WoTs,with good stats
9. Keen to Improve
10. Can CHECK their WOT forum mail after applying

If you're interested, head over and check out our forum's About Us page, and click on the link entitled application form here. Please note that at this stage, we're primarily looking for people that play both tanks and ships. But if you're looking for someone to play in toons and divs on the ASIA server, and you're up for the occasional tier VI or VIII Clan Wars battle, come check us out.

Also note, that once WoWs gets a cooperative PvP mode, like TCs or SH dets, we may be modifying the above criteria.
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TCM recruiting on the ASIA …

Postby Bashmack » Sun Jan 10, 2016 12:08 pm

So no place for baratheons who are born to make trouble?

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