Dragonkings(EU) is now looking for new members

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Dragonkings(EU) is now looking for new members

Postby Desteeg31 » Sat Sep 10, 2016 7:34 am

Welcome to our recruitment post, this is where we will share details about our World of Warships recruitment drive, posting bits of information about our clan and where you can find out how to get in touch with us.

We are still seeking to expand and maintain our presence in World of Warships, so please do read on and get in touch with us if you are interested.

Originally formed within ShellShockers, we have branched away to focus our attentions on World of Warships.
We have restructured ourselves to be able to build solid squadrons to take on the big bouys in Team Battles but also provide a laid back atmosphere for the casual gamer in WoWs

The clan is largely British, but everyone from Europe is welcome, and we currently have members from across the entirety of the EU.

Our ambitions:

1. To have fun and build a community where its members enjoy being
2. To provide a community where its members can improve their gameplay
3. To build friendships within a community.

We offer our members:

A relaxed friendly atmosphere with room for both having a laugh in small platoons and serious large scale team-play.
We regularly have competitions, clan raffles and tournaments.
Active members willing to division and to coach new players.
Dedicated TeamSpeak server.
Our own youtube channel.
The joy of blowing ships up with (new) mates!

Consider applying to us if you:
Can speak fluent English.
Have TeamSpeak.
Are 18+ years of age.
Are interested in divisions and teamplay in World of Warships.
Want to be part of more than just another community for just another game.
Are respectful towards your fellow gamers and clan members.

The application process is easy, head over to our recruitment section: http://dragonkings.eu/recruitment make an Enjin account (if you haven't already) and fill out the application.
We are now recruiting new members with all tiers and all skill levels as we move to a community feel rather than a clan.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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