ShipComrade Contributor Program

What is the ShipComrade Contributor Program you ask? Our team here at ShipComrade works with both World of Warships Twitch Streamers & Youtube Video Contributors to promote their Work and get it seen by the rest of the Warships Community. We also help to communicate your concerns directly with Wargaming Staff both in NA & EU using long established direct communication lines. By working together with other Content creators we help to grow our community & the player base which benefits us all.

By supporting us by adding one of the following logos and/or a text link to your Twitch Stream and/or YouTube Channel/Video we will add you to our contributor system. Please note, not everyone will get included. You must be providing Warships content on a semi-regular schedule and be respectful of others in community. size is not a factor. we are here to help you grow.

  • Live Warships Twitch streams prioritized over non contributors
  • Warships YouTube videos added to our Ship Directory.
  • Featured Main Page Videos & Live Twitch Streams
  • *latest 6 videos released & top 6 streamers by viewer count (contributor > non-contributor) are featured on main page. All logo & text links must link back to main page. Banners can be saved or hot linked



    Once the logo and/or text link has been placed. Please send the following information to

  • YouTube Channel
  • Twitch Channel
  • Twitter
  • FaceBook