Welcome to the New!


After 3 years, I finally was able to spend some time on making my volunteer staff writers lives a little easier, especially our beloved LittleWhiteMouse.

So welcome to the new WordPress version of Your favorite tools are still here (Red Tracker, Ship Trees, Leaderboards & Captain Calc), but Articles are on a whole new level.

We now have full social media integration logins & commenting on most articles. I encourage you to share, tweet & like your favorite articles on to help share these dedicated Warships writers hard work with as many like minded people as possible.

Please also comment on your favorite articles, discuss their findings or opinions or just let them know how you appreciate them taking their time to provide you this great content. But please be respectful, ban hammers come hard and swift!

Over this weekend, you will still be seeing some quirks, lack of mobile support and some non updated articles. But the current plan is to finish moving articles and be mostly complete before the end of the weekend.

After 3 years & 7+ million views, we are still going strong and will continue to be part of this great World of Warships community for many years to come.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to the New!

  1. Looks very sleek. Definitely going to be a learning curve for me but all the things worth doing aren’t necessarily easy 😀 Look forward to the new design and if there’s anything I can do to help feel free to reach out.


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