V-25 Deathrace!

A special thanks to @MilonRouge@Battleship_MaineMk1 and @TheRadicalMomo for the initial tests of this game mode and for helping to iron out the kinks in the idea.

Quick Summary: A race & free-for-all deathmatch using V-25 destroyers.

Approximate Time Needed: The race can be completed in approximately 15 minutes, including setup time.

Premise: Up to 12 players compete to complete a 3-lap circular-course race. They sail V-25 destroyers and may use their forward-facing armament to attempt to sink one another. As an added complication, half the players sail clockwise and the other half sail counterclockwise, prompting two head-on jousting passes per lap. The finish line is an enemy aircraft carrier, which moves into position during the final lap, that the destroyers must ram themselves into (and die) to complete the race.

Requirements: Players wishing to organize this event need the following:

  • Access to the Training Room. This can be done through mods or through editing the scripts_config XML file.
  • One team comprised of an aircraft carrier as the referee. The higher tiered, the better.
  • On the other team, between two and twelve tier II V-25-class German destroyers.
  • (Recommended) Destroyers should take a premium Damage Control Party and Engine Boost consumable. A Sierra Mike signal may also be seen as necessary, but it’s up to the referee to decide if this is allowed or not. For commander skills, Last StandTorpedo Acceleration, Torpedo Armament Expertise and Survivability Expert are helpful. Destroyers should abstain from using a premium Smoke Generator.
  • (Recommended) Have replays enabled.

How to Win: The winner will be the first ship to collide with the enemy aircraft carrier positioned on the starting line at the end of the third lap. If no destroyers survive, then the last destroyer standing shall be the winner.

Setup: It takes approximately 5 minutes to get all of the ships into position.

  • Ensure all participants know the course and rules before loading up the Training Room.
  • Select the “Standard Battle” version of the map for the course you wish to run.
  • Assign destroyers into two groups — one going clockwise, the other counterclockwise.
  • Have all destroyers immediately head to the designated starting line. They should be formed up, line abreast.
  • The Aircraft Carrier should launch aircraft and set course to be near the starting-line by the time the third lap commences.
  • At an agreed upon time (I recommend using the in game clock to 15:00, giving five minutes for players to position themselves), the race begins.
  • Torpedoes may not be used during the first 60 seconds of the race’s start.

And they’re off! Image courtesy of @Lord_Zath visible in the Stormwind-equipped V-25, fourth from the top.

Role of the Referee: The Referee should use an aircraft carrier. This can be set up on either team list in the Training Room (if there’s room). The advantages of setting it up on the enemy team is that the kill-feed can be used to determine who crosses the finish line first in case of disputes. The advantages of setting up the referee on the friendly team is that it allows them to watch the race without the use if aircraft, even if someone accidentally deploys smoke. Having more than one referee can make things easier. The referees responsibilities include:

  • Starting the race.
  • Announcing when torpedoes may be used. This should be announced beforehand (we found that 60s is more than sufficient), but a final message in all-chat when they can begin firing is also necessary.
  • Monitoring the race to ensure good sportsmanship is observed. In most games this won’t be necessary, but cheating (such as firing torpedoes early, using side arc torpedoes, no one uses any signals not agreed upon) should be watched out for.
  • Announcing what lap players are on.
  • Announcing the final lap.
  • Moving their ship into the correct position to represent the finish line and ensuring that neither side has an unfair advantage.

It’s strongly recommended that the aircraft carrier dispense all ordnance before the race begins so they don’t accidentally misclick on a destroyer and begin an attack run (oops).

The RacersThe V-25 destroyers should be setup in an agreed upon manner declared by the Referee. This is usually no-holds barred, encouraging players to scrimp for every advantage they can fit onto their destroyer. Remember that in Training Rooms, no consumables are used, so you’re free to use one of your premium camouflages to gussy up your ride and look distinct from the others. This also means you can use as many signal flags as you want without fear of running out of them. Note, this information is current as of 0.6.13. Be sure to check subsequent patch notes in later patches to ensure this is still the case!

Players will be assigned one of two groups — going either clockwise or counterclockwise around the course. The referee will assign these groups, make sure you pay attention to your assigned direction as this will allow you to get setup faster and the race may begin sooner.

For the first 60 seconds of the race, destroyers may not attack each other with weapons. After the first 60 seconds, they may fire at one another freely using their two single-tube, bow mounted torpedoes. These are the only weapons that may be used. Players are free to fire them at any one else in the race, including players going in the same direction as they are. This is a free-for-all deathrace, so show no mercy! DESTROYERS SHOULD NOT SHOOT TORPEDOES AT THE AIRCRAFT CARRIER. Destroyers should also keep their AA guns turned off.

Destroyers are free to collide, ram, cut-off, block and do all sorts of nasty physical things to one another (lewd) in order to effect an advantage in the race. Use each other as shields against incoming torpedoes. Push someone into the shallows. There can be only one winner!

The deadly head-on passes will be where most casualties occur. With the groups sailing in opposite directions, you’ll face these twice per lap! Time your torpedoes appropriately. You won’t get any lead indicator to help you!

Race Course: Any map may be used, though it’s advised to keep the track small. It should take the destroyers no more than 4 minutes to complete a lap and no more than five minutes for the destroyers to get setup on the starting line. Here’s an example we used:


It’s the referee’s responsibility to move their aircraft carrier onto the Finish Line after the final lap begins. Players should know before they come around the last leg of their lap where the Finish Line will be. Announcing, “Carrier will be beached on the island” worked well for us during testing. Claustrophobic courses work very well, forcing more manoeuvring and making it harder to dodge torpedoes and each other. Make sure the aircraft carrier can easily move into position to reach the agreed upon finish line, however. Other good map choices include Two BrothersStrait, & Fault Line. Beware of using higher-tiered maps — it can take a lot longer to get ships setup as deployment may scatter them to the far extreme of your desired starting line.

Notes: We’ve run this four times (two as proof of concept, twice in full sized runs) and they’ve been very successful.

  • This was inspired by the V-25 and V-101 “jousting” free for all matches. The race element adds a fun time limit and complicates manoeuvres.
  • V-25-class destroyers are ideal for a number of reasons. First and foremost, if someone doesn’t have one, it’s only a tier II destroyer. Anyone can unlock it quickly with even a handful of free experience and it costs less than 125,000 to get it set up properly. This can allow players from other servers to participate as they could unlock her within 20 minutes. This makes this game play mode accessible to anyone after they get the Training Room unlocked (which someone can be walked through in a few minutes).
  • It’s preferable to keep all of the destroyers on the same team when you’re setting up the training room. You can split them up into two teams, if you wish. This would let you compete with upwards of 22 V-25s which would be all kinds of crazy fun. However, setup becomes much more difficult as any collision between opposing teams is immediately fatal. This also complicates seeing who collides with the finish-line ship first in close matches.
  • If you can get a second referee in a fast ship, this can help players get setup more quickly. They can race ahead to the starting line and everyone can form up around them instead of each other. High tier Soviet Destroyers and French Cruisers are ideal for this purpose.
  • Feel free to try it out yourself! Suggest some courses to race or other ships to try as racers!


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