Deepwater Torpedo Defense

Pan Asian destroyers are on their way and with them comes the dreaded (for some) inclusion of Deepwater torpedoes. These torpedoes cut the reaction time you have to respond to them by half. As a result, skills, modules and consumables that increase the detection range of these  torpedoes becomes paramount. Currently, there are one of each:

  • SKILL: Vigilance – increases the range torpedoes are spotted by 25%. Tier 3 commander’s skill.
  • CONSUMABLE: Hydroacoustic search – increases the range torpedoes are spotted to a fixed distance (between 2.52km and 4.02km).  Available at tiers 4+ on select vessels.
  • UPGRADE: Target Acquisition Modification 1 – increases the range torpedoes are spotted by 20%. Available at tiers 8+ (with the exception of Belfast and Arkansas Beta who get it earlier).

So here’s the magic question: DO THESE STACK?
The answer is: Kinda. Vigilance & TAM1 stack together. However, with Hydro active, only Vigilance adds to the range. TAM1 does not.

Test conducted with a Zao being fired upon by a LongJiang with Deepwater torpedoes with a 1.1km detection range.

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