Space Camouflage Contest!

In the spirit of funding the habits of starving artists, I’m hosting a creative contest to win one of those nifty space camouflages for April Fool’s 2018.  Here’s the deets:
  1. Design and create an “Angry Youtuber Review” graphic, like so:
  2. Contest is open to all active players on NA-EU-RU and the SEA servers!  Hooray!
  3. All submissions must follow Wargaming’s North American Forum posting rules & guidelines.  I want to be able to show off the work you guys submit, so keep it rated T-for Teen.
  4. All submissions must include your in-game name AND the region on which you play, otherwise your prize may end up going to someone else.
  5. This may be of any ship currently released in the game — premium, non-premium, reward, it doesn’t matter, just so long as it’s a ship that’s playable in game.
  6. The design must include the following elements:

    a.)  An identifiable image of the ship.
    b.)  Your evaluation of the ship.  This should preferably following the existing Angry Youtuber scale, but you’re free to abuse it for the sake of creativity / humour / sarcasm / deep-seated rage.

    GARBAGE– The boat is unbalanced, not fun to play and weak. The ship desperately needs some buffs or some quality of life changes.
    Mehbote – An average ship. Has strengths and weaknesses. Doesn’t need buffs to be viable however she’s not going to be considered optimal.
    Gudbote – A powerful ship, often one of the best ships at a given role within its tier. Usually considered optimal for a given task.
    OVERPOWERED – The boat is unbalanced and powerful. Typically she’s either horrible to play against or she redefines the meta entirely.

    c.) Anything else you want.  Keep in mind, most of my audience speaks English.

  7. Image must be legible at a maximum of an 800 x 450 (you can make it larger, just make sure it shrinks down to that size legibly).  It may use jpg, png, tiff, gif, or img file formats.  This means they don’t necessarily have to be still images.
  8. I have to like it.  I’m the sole judge here, so you’ve got to impress me.  I’m looking for the most clever, fun, creative and memorable submission adhering to no other vague standards than my own.   Best of luck trying to figure out what tickles my funny bone.

    You poor things.
  9. I reserve the right to publish and comment upon any submissions sent to me.
  10. All submissions must be emailed to before Thursday, April 5th at 00:00 EDT (which would be Wednesday April 4th, 21:00 Pacific or Thursday April 5th, 05:00 GMT).  This gives you one week to send in your submissions.  Don’t post them on the forums or Reddit or your Facebook and expect me to find ’em.  If they’re not submitted to my email addy by the deadline, you’re not in the running.
  11. There will be three prizes.  The two runners up will receive bonus codes for 5x temporary space camouflages.  The grand prize winner will receive one permanent, 8,000 doubloon space camouflage from the April Fool’s Day 2018 event of their choice.
  12. All contest winners will be contacted via email before Friday, April 6th at 00:00 EDT (Thursday, April 5th 21:00 Pacific, Friday, April 6th 05:00 GMT).  The Grand Prize winner will be asked for their choice of permanent camouflage at that time.  Awarding of the space camouflage is performed by Wargaming, so there may be some delays there.

Good luck with your entries, everyone!

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